What Free Beer and Pizza Can Teach You About Real-Time Big Data and Visualization



The first-ever SF Bay Area BIRT Developers’ Meetup will spotlight how integrating Cloudera’s Impala and BIRT can help make visual sense of Hadoop data.

Whether it is for internal or external analysis, the importance of big data cannot be understated. Any company now has the potential to gather data from its operations, and make the data and analyses available to customers.

But making sense of data requires a close collaboration between a big data storage solution and the data visualization platform that works with big data… that and a good dose of free beer and pizza.

The San Francisco Bay Area BIRT Developers group is hosting its first Meetup to share tips and tricks on how you can comb through massive volumes of data in real-time and deliver important information with visualizations and analytics. This fun and informative event is co-sponsored by Actuate, The BIRT Company and Cloudera’s Impala group. The event will be held on Thursday, February 6 at 6 p.m. at Actuate Corporation headquarters in San Mateo, CA.

How important is deciphering big data to businesses?

An average of $8 million per company is expected to be spent on big data initiatives over the next year, according to analyst firm IDC’s 2014 IDG Enterprise Big Data research. Show up and you will hear case studies on how customers are leveraging Cloudera Impala to query Big Data in real-time as an alternative to expensive data warehouses and ETL jobs, from Cloudera’s Gwen Shapira, Solutions Architect.

You can also understand how to create a seamless application experience by integrating BIRT into your Hadoop and Big Data applications, from Actuate’s Michael Williams, ‎BIRT Product Evangelist & Forum Manager.

Similar to the way beer and pizza go so well together…

It’s important to show how the capabilities of Hadoop and BIRT open source projects complement each other. Cloudera’s Impala project is pioneering the next generation of Hadoop capabilities: the convergence of fast SQL queries with the capacity, scalability, and flexibility of a Hadoop cluster. With Impala, the Hadoop community now has an open-sourced codebase that helps users query data stored in HDFS and Apache HBase in real time, using familiar SQL syntax.

In contrast with other SQL-on-Hadoop initiatives, Impala’s operations are fast enough to do interactively on native Hadoop data rather than in long-running batch jobs. By taking advantage of Hadoop’s infrastructure, Impala lets you avoid traditional data warehouse obstacles like rigid schema design and the cost of expensive ETL jobs.

Helping push data analytics to the next level requires BIRT. BIRT is a powerful framework for adding data visualization and reporting capability to your application. Creating BIRT designs and integrating BIRT into an application creates a seamless application experience. BIRT experts will be on hand to walk you through the BIRT architecture and demonstrate several different ways to integrate BIRT into your application from running reports with the APIs to integrating BIRT into Web Applications.

And did we mention there will also be free beer and pizza?

See you there!

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