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Want to get your message across securely? Follow Sony’s CEO and fax it.

Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton is becoming the new poster boy for faxing.

The executive recently revealed during a media industry conference that his fax machine is getting a lot of use these days, as he prefers to send hand-written notes via fax instead of sending an email. Lynton said he’s surprised by how quickly he can jot down a thought and fax it.

While email may be even quicker, he explained that by taking a minute to put pen-to-paper and then sending a fax can be preferable to firing off emails in haste – the electronic version of speaking before thinking.

The folks at Sony Entertainment have some experience in seeking out alternatives to email, following the hack of its network in 2014. As I mentioned in a recent blog on the topic, during the aftermath of the hack Sony employees took to picking up the phone, writing notes, and faxing in order to communicate with each other. Of these options, fax is the form of communication that can go from one party to the other safely and securely.

Fax is a secure communication; so won’t be intercepted or hacked. A phone call can be overheard or recorded, and leaves a paper trail. Notes can be mislaid, stolen or confiscated, the latter possibly by an authority figure – cue those second-grade memories for some of us!

A better alternative to fax machines is electronic faxing – no paper is required to send notes and other important content that you don’t want intercepted.  Learn more about how fax with cloud delivery is an ideal alternative to fax machines.

What’s an executive to do? Fax, fax, fax.

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Amy Perry
Amy Perry is the Director of Product Marketing for fax and secure messaging solutions with OpenText Business Network. Her 20 year career has crossed between Product Management and Product Marketing in the CPG and software industries.

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