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Understanding Customer Feelings: Unstructured Data Analytics Tells all

Complex database queries and focus groups can help a business track customer insight, but there’s another approach. In a new OpenTextVoice article on, Meet The Algorithm That Knows How You Feel, you’ll learn how today’s businesses can analyze unstructured data using text analytics algorithms to actually grasp how customers are feeling. Unstructured data analytics lets businesses sift through documents, text messages, email and social media posts, to get to where the important insight lives. And now, using OpenText InfoFusion, businesses can manage, analyze, and understand information in ways that are transforming customer experience.

As huge volumes of unstructured data come into the enterprise from multiple channels, the only way marketers can gain a competitive advantage is if they can see trends and preferences before the competition does. This insight not only fuels important business decisions but also changes the way a company relates to its customers. The article offers some history of the technology and also shares real-world applications. Get the full story here.

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Robin Paparella Hardy
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