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Getting Hands On With Release 16 and OpenText Professional Services

Professional Services

Over the last year OpenText™ Release 16 solutions have been implemented by customers around the globe. With the acquisition of complementary document and customer experience products in the last 12 months, OpenText now has the most complete, integrated digital information platform in the market. As your organization focuses on an EIM strategy, OpenText Professional Services can provide the “how to” guidance and hands-on expertise needed to plan, integrate and execute effectively with our solutions. Our Professional Services teams have amassed a wealth of experience and best practices working with our customers on planning, designing and building end-to-end solutions that support and optimize key business processes. There is no better place to gain practical assistance and guidance than Enterprise World 2017 in Toronto, Canada July 8-13. This is the largest event ever for our services experts to be there to help you with your EIM strategy, Release 16.x upgrades, consolidating and integrating legacy systems, migrating to the cloud and realizing EIM benefits of all types. Here are some highlights from the many “how to” opportunities available at the event: Learning Services Training Over 35  training courses and workshops will be offered in Toronto. Make the most of your Enterprise World experience by joining these different interactive and informative sessions that will be presented by OpenText experts on July 8-10. Some sessions focused on how to make the most of Release 16 include: OpenText EIM Adoption Strategy Workshop: 2 day course (U-TR-6-5009) Upgrading to Content Server v16: 1 Day Course (U-TR-3-0137) Process Modeling for Process Platform v16: 3-day Course (U-TR-4-4913) Content Server Installation and Configuration v16: 2 Day Course (U-TR-3-0187) Engineering Document Management Suite: 2 Day Course (U-TR-2-0235) Implementing OpenText Media Management v16: 3 day course (U-TR-3-0805a) Documentum Technical Fundamentals : 3 day course (U-TR-3-8010a) Meet with our Professional Services Experts in the Expo hall There will be a significant area focused on Services in the Expo hall this year. Join us at the theatre to learn how to: Upgrade to Release 16.x Migrate to the OpenText™ Cloud Reduce TCO with Optimize service programs Realize EIM strategic goals with Release 16 Practical applications for OpenText™ Content Server Learn how GDPR will impact your business Bring your questions to the Professional Services Expo Theater and our Services experts will be happy to share insight and options for you. Professional Services led Breakout Sessions Optimize your investment with OpenText Services Programs (EIM-100) How to Measure and Enhance User Adoption (EIM-200) GDPR for Compliance & Business Advantage – 10 Things You Can Do Now (EIM-300) OpenText Cloud Breakout Sessions OpenText Cloud – Strategy, Offerings and Meet the Experts (CLD-200) Reduce your TCO by up to 40% by Moving Your Application to the OpenText Cloud (CLD-100) Hear from the Experts on the How, Why, What, Where & When of Moving to the Cloud (ECM-210) Breakout Sessions: EIM Strategy and Total Cost of Ownership Fueling Digital Transformation with Secure Information Exchange & Omni-Channel Messaging (BNN-203) Creating Intelligent Analytic Bots for Slack Using OpenText Analytics (ANA-203) Business Performance Management Analytics (ANA-100) Enterprise World 2017 offers the best chance to learn about the advantages or EIM, the benefits of Release 16 and to gain insights and concrete “how to” advice from our Services experts. Register for the event, the courses, the breakouts and the meetings. We look forward to seeing you there! For more information visit our Enterprise World 2017 site.

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OpenText Strengthens EIM Portfolio with Completion of ECD Acquisition

In September, OpenText entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Dell EMC’s Enterprise Content Division (ECD), including Documentum. I am delighted to announce that as of today this acquisition is complete. The addition of ECD’s 25+ years of leadership in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) further strengthens the OpenText product portfolio and our commitment to delivering the most functionally complete Enterprise Information Management (EIM) platform in the market. This acquisition provides exciting opportunities for current and future OpenText customers. Existing customers will benefit from a more functionally complete EIM platform while the ECD customer base will benefit from integration into OpenText technology, as well as gaining access to the number-one EIM Cloud and OpenText SaaS applications via flexible, on-premises, cloud, or hybrid deployment options. Specifically, the addition of Dell EMC’s offerings from the Documentum, InfoArchive, and LEAP product families will help to fulfill our strategic vision of growth and leadership in all sub-segments of the EIM market. Our EIM offerings will be enriched by industry-packaged solutions and deep customer relationships across the globe. Along with product enhancements and a worldwide customer base of more than 5,600, the acquisition brings 2,000 talented ECD employees to the OpenText family. Together, we will be over 10,000 professionals strong, focused on customer success in EIM and enabling the digital world. Investing in innovation and development is a key objective at OpenText. As we continue to grow and expand into new markets in meaningful ways, I’d like to welcome ECD customers and employees to OpenText, a focused and dedicated software company that lives, breathes, and sleeps EIM software. Given the importance of the announcement, the ECM Community will be gathering together for a candid discussion of the marketplace and how the acquisition fits into the future of content management. Attend the roundtable session. For more information about this acquisition, read the press release.

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The Future of Information: Analytics Everywhere

In addition to being available as a discrete offering, we’ve infused analytics throughout all of our OpenText suites, including the Business Network, to deliver leading edge capabilities for information companies to mine, extract, and present the true value of their business data. OpenText Analytics Suite gives your organization an easier way to access, blend, explore, and analyze big data to better understand customers, markets, and business operations. We recognize that not every organization has the in-house data scientists, IT resources, or technology infrastructure to support big data analytics solutions, so in addition to being available as an on-premises solution, OpenText Analytics Suite is also available in the OpenText Cloud. Analytics Everywhere Most organizations currently employ some form of basic analytics (illustrated in orange and purple in the above figure). While these insights can be helpful in discovering what has happened and why, they often lack the sophistication that allows companies to reveal what will happen and what should be done. These insights come from the deployment of more powerful, predictive and prescriptive analytics. And that’s where the real value lies in OpenText Analytics Suite. Using predictive analytics, OpenText Analytics Suite provides insight into what is likely to happen based on business data and determines which actions an organization should take. The possible implications of each action are based on business data and rules, optimization, and simulation. Connected technologies like machine-to-machine communications will help information companies to progress along the technology curve toward cognitive systems by automating not only data processing, but also the execution of business actions. With OpenText Release 16 we’ve removed the complexity of integrating analytics within the enterprise. We’ve built a lightweight development tool that easily embeds analytics capabilities in both internal- and external-facing applications. We’ve also expanded our out-of-the-box connectivity to work with over a dozen sources—from Apache to XML to Salesforce—providing more ways to integrate analytics into the enterprise systems. While the volume and variety of information may vary from industry to industry and organization to organization, one thing holds true: we are all information companies. The availability of big data has unleashed huge potential in terms of gaining customer insight to inform marketing, product development, and service delivery. Whether deployed on-premises or in the Cloud, OpenText Analytics Suite allows organizations to uncover information that helps to differentiate products and services for increased satisfaction and market share. With analytics infused across all of the OpenText Release 16 suites and the Business Network, we’ve applied cognitive capabilities to OpenText Suite 16. I’ll explore the enhanced role that cognitive systems play in OpenText Release 16 in the next blog in this series. Find out more:

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A Modern Approach to an Essential Solution: Which Fax Deployment Model is Best for you?

Enterprise fax solutions

Are you ready to upgrade your current fax solution to not just a new but a better way to send, receive and manage faxes? Do you have workflows that are fax-dependent and realize it’s time to make those workflows as efficient and cost-effective as possible? Whether you are eliminating fax machines (finally!) or upgrading to an enterprise fax solution, understanding your deployment options is an important step. Many organizations are beginning to choose IT solutions based on preferred method of deployment. Some organizations want all IT systems to reside in-house or “on-premises.” Others want to leverage the cloud as much as possible to outsource all (or as many as possible) IT activities. An increasingly popular alternative is hybrid solutions, in which part of a software system resides on-premises, but some components are outsourced for efficiency. Enterprise fax solutions are available as on-premises, cloud and hybrid deployment options. But which one is best for your organization? Below are some of the decision factors and business needs that drive each of the deployment models: On-Premises Fax Servers: A fax server is deployed in-house and typically requires the most IT management and resources. Strengths of on-premises deployments include: you completely own and control the environment, data storage and location of the data; typically highly configurable and customizable with strong integration options; includes options for high availability and disaster recovery. On-premises fax server solutions are best when: You have complex integration or security requirements You seek to avoid fax volume/user charges You want to leverage economies of scale You require full control over data storage & ownership You wish to harness your own IT bench strength You are not looking to outsource Cloud Fax Services:  Cloud fax services are part of a pure service deployment model, with no fax software, hardware or telephony required to reside at your site. Faxes are sent and received via email. Strengths of cloud deployments include: fastest and easiest deployment, limited resources required, pay only for what you use, Web Services APIs typically available for integrations, unlimited and instantly scalable capacity, no busy signals, built-in redundancy and automatic failover for faxing. Cloud-based fax solutions are best when: You need to deploy rapidly You seek fast and flexible scalability You want multi-site redundancy for failover and disaster recovery You need or want to outsource fax telephony You have little or over-subscribed IT bench strength You are looking for uptime and telephony SLAs You have a corporate mandate to outsource or “move to the cloud” Hybrid Fax Solutions: In hybrid fax deployments, the fax server software resides at your site (on-premises) and fax transmission is provided as a service (in the cloud). The key strength of hybrid solutions is that the service portion typically includes eliminating the connection of the fax server to the telephone network, often the most complex and confusing part of deploying fax solutions, which in turn removes this responsibility from your IT and telecommunications staff. Other strengths include: all the benefits of an on-premises fax server (ownership, data storage and location, integration capabilities, etc) with the ability to leverage the strength of cloud faxing (flexibility, scalability, no busy signals, built-in disaster recovery and automatic failover for fax transmissions). Hybrid fax solutions are best when: You have complex integration or security requirements You require full control over data storage and ownership You seek fast and flexible scalability You need or want to outsource fax telephony You are looking for telephony SLAs You outsource as it makes sense Still not sure which fax solution deployment model is best for you? OpenText can help.With the best on-premises, cloud and hybrid options in the industry, OpenText has a solution for you.  Learn more.

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The Cloud in Sunny Spain

During my long tenure at OpenText, there has not been an opportunity of travel to Spain. Fast forward several years and this spring I visited twice! Much like their passion for Flamenco, the Spanish market has enthusiastically embraced the Cloud and the benefits it can bring. In April, there was an OpenText Innovation Day in Madrid and I was invited to speak along with Rainer Ehre, SVP of Engineering for Enterprise and a number of other speakers. What a great event it was! The keynote session was literally standing room only as presentations and demonstrations focused on Suite 16 and Cloud 16. It was one of the smoothest multi-cultural events I have attended, with presentations given in English and Spanish and real-time translation. Customers and partners presented on their implementations and, even with my lack of Spanish, I was inspired by the Enterprise Information Management (EIM) stories and benefits shared. One presentation in particular discussed the key benefits realized by a large public sector organization when upgrading their web properties (created with OpenText™ Web Experience Management) and moving to Managed Services in the OpenText Cloud. Their external web properties serve 3.2 million citizens and have 40 million page views per year and their internal site serves 23,000 employees and sees 10 million page views a year. They showed a 19.7% increase in page visits and more than 16% fewer page abandons after going live in the cloud, and talked about the benefits of 24 x 7 service, performance improvements and 99.5% SLA’s. I found these figures very powerful. I was again in Madrid in May. This time the focus was on meeting with our regional team, sharing the success stories and value of helping customers move their applications to the Cloud. We also discussed the key topic that most enterprises have around moving applications to the Cloud – Data Sovereignty and Data Privacy! We made a quick dash through the rain for a lunch of local tapas, then spent the afternoon with the sales, services, alliances, marketing and support teams from Spain and Portugal. We covered all key aspects of Managed Services in the cloud for our Enterprise offerings. After a nice tapas dinner and some rest, the next morning was focused on work for one of the major cloud customers in the region and assisting on some questions for an opportunity. Finally, the sun shone in time for a last picture and the ride to the airport. The sun is indeed shining through the clouds in Spain. I look forward to the next trip to the region.

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Cloud 16 – A Better Way to Work

Cloud 16

As organizations form their digital strategy, cloud is a critical consideration. Organizations that capitalize on new digital methods will be the ones that thrive; building new relationships with their customers and suppliers, optimizing their processes and creating new revenue streams. These organizations demand speed, agility, flexibility, and scalability that can be realized by taking advantage of cloud and hybrid cloud benefits. In short, they demand a “Better Way to Work.” The OpenText Cloud provides a global, secure cloud environment optimized for delivering Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions. We own and operate our own cloud, with a global infrastructure and operations across more than 40 data centers and satellite centers around the globe. Our commitment and expertise in cloud security, privacy and trust are key reasons customers trust us to manage their critical applications and information. We have invested greatly into our cloud and virtually all of our products are available to customers in the OpenText Cloud. OpenText Cloud 16: A Better Way to Work   Cloud 16 extends the flexibility for customers to operate in cloud, hybrid cloud and cloud-to-cloud scenarios. Customers have a plethora of integration and deployment options available to them so they are able to have their business problems addressed exactly how and where they need it. This release includes massive innovation across all of the EIM areas with advances in OpenText Cloud Managed Services, Business Network Services and OpenText SaaS applications. The Cloud 16 Digital Platform: Content Cloud 16: Delivering enterprise content management applications in the cloud to accelerate deployment, provide superior managed services and drive productivity through digital transformation. ECM in the cloud can be easier to deploy and less expensive to maintain than building and hosting your own infrastructure, and it can provide maximum flexibility while freeing up IT resources. It is quickly and easily scalable, so businesses can seamlessly adapt and expand without needing to install new hardware. Making the move to cloud means that IT resources can shift the management of ECM solutions to vendor experts, allowing IT to focus on the business critical operations that can help fuel business transformation. Highlights of Content Cloud 16 include: Managed Services for Content Suite 16- Upgrading and maintaining on premises applications can be a costly and daunting task. Let us upgrade your Content Suite into the cloud and we will manage it for you. Amplify the value of your existing applications and never worry about upgrades again. Content Suite Platform Cloud Edition- Optimized for the cloud, this package lets customers quickly purchase and deploy in cloud and hybrid-cloud scenarios. This new package combines cloud operational efficiencies with the flexibility and configurability you would expect from an on-premises deployment. OpenText Core and Content Suite integration-Customers can now securely collaborate in the cloud with Core and have content governed with Content Suite. Archive Center Cloud Edition- An enterprise archiving service running in the OpenText Cloud as a public cloud service. Customers only pay for what they use each month, based on the number of users that log on, transaction volume, and the volume of storage used. Without the need for up-front investment in infrastructure and software, it offers a cost-effective solution that scales with user’s needs. More information on Content Cloud 16 Experience Cloud 16: Empowering businesses to increase user engagement and improve customer satisfaction while avoiding time spent on managing applications or infrastructure. Experience Cloud 16 includes: Managed Services for the Experience Suite so you can upgrade your current implementation into the OpenText Cloud and have us manage it for you. Media Management Cloud Edition brings simple, cloud-based media management that is easily purchased and quickly deployed. Communications Center Enterprise brings tailored Customer Communications as a managed service in the OpenText Cloud. Communications Center CRM provides document generation with Salesforce integration. SAP DAM and SAP Document Presentment are also available as managed services. More information on Experience Cloud 16 Process Cloud 16: Enabling businesses to rapidly automate their business processes and have the platform managed by EIM specialists in the OpenText Cloud. Key innovations in Process Cloud 16 include: Process Suite as a managed service, with expert management by EIM specialists. Process Suite has several advances including entity modelling, case management and analytics integration providing process intelligence. Contract Center provides a complete solution for all types of contracts including buy-side, sell-side and other legal agreements. More information on Process Cloud 16 Business Network 16: The evolution of information exchange, OpenText Business Network provides a cloud ecosystem of interconnected trading partners with hyper automation, pervasive integration, and deep visibility across extended business processes, enabling compliance and accelerated time to revenue. The largest B2B network in the world powers customers’ extended trading ecosystems—now with embedded supply chain analytics, mobility for anytime, anywhere access, and deeper support for the entire procure-to-pay processes. Key advances in this release include: Logistics Track and Trace Supply chain analytics Trading partner digitization Invoice compliance Enhanced EMEA data sovereignty Mobility More information on Business Network 16 Analytics Cloud 16: Providing embedded analytics for EIM applications and for custom content sources, fully managed by EIM experts in the OpenText Cloud. Big Data Analytics Cloud Edition is a complete advanced analytics managed service in the cloud. It includes advanced analytics software, maintenance, cloud management plus professional and learning services to accelerate Big Data initiatives. Analytics integration with EIM Suites allows customers of all types to take advantage of advanced and predictive analytics. More information on Analytics Cloud 16 For existing on-premises customers, it is time to consider upgrading to the OpenText Cloud. For new customers, now is the time to subscribe to our cloud offerings and realize the benefits of agility, flexibility and scalability in solving your business problems. Whatever application, solution or information flow your organization requires to meet your business need, we can help to manage your cloud, hybrid cloud or cloud-to-cloud implementation. Experience a better way to work!

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The Future of Information: Introducing OpenText Release 16

Process Suite 16

We are in the midst of a Digital Revolution and for every company it is digital or die. To succeed, organizations must embrace digital transformation or risk being disintermediated. Success will depend on the ability to embrace extreme automation, extreme connectivity, and cognitive systems – engineered together in a single and integrated digital platform. Today, I am pleased to announce the general availability and launch of OpenText Release 16. As the most comprehensive, integrated digital Enterprise Information Management (EIM) platform in the market today, OpenText Release 16 offers our customers a unique opportunity for a coordinated digital transformation that yields the benefits of scale and single-vendor interaction. Only OpenText offers the breadth of capability and solutions or the capacity to deliver these capabilities from a single release and platform. OpenText Release 16 is composed of two major product components: OpenText Suite 16 and OpenText Cloud 16. Each is made up of tightly coordinated features to drive digital transformation across the following OpenText product suites: Content Suite enables better governance and control of business information. Content Suite is Enterprise Content Management (ECM) reimagined and moves beyond information governance to foster collaboration, increase productivity, and deliver insights based on enterprise information. New capabilities include: Workspaces that connect information silos for better collaboration and true connectivity gains Social interaction with content to improve collaboration, deepen engagement, and enrich searches Process Suite delivers more agile and flexible processes for better performance and innovation. Process Suite empowers organizations to realize the benefits of extreme automation and connectivity with features such as: A low-code application development approach for the citizen developer Increased visibility into processes for smarter business decisions Experience Suite offers better engagement with employees, customers, and partners. In this time of intense disruption and competition, Experience Suite delivers omni-channel experiences that satisfy and delight with innovations like: A state-of-the-art interface with customized widgets and anytime, anywhere access to content A responsive design approach for content delivery across multiple channels Analytics Suite provides an easier way to access, blend, explore, and analyze big data. OpenText Analytics Suite includes cognitive capabilities for deeper levels of insight as well as: A lightweight development tool that easily embeds analytics capabilities across enterprise systems Expanded out-of-the-box connectivity to work with over a dozen sources–from Apache to XML to Salesforce Business Network is a set of cloud-based solutions that facilitates efficient, secure, and compliant exchange of information between organizations. The latest release of the OpenText Business Network represents the next step in the evolution of information exchange with the right combination of Business-to-Business (B2B) integration software, the OpenText Trading Grid, and Managed Services. New functionality includes: The integration of Trading Grid analytics for added insight into operational and supply chain performance Logistics Track & Trace to follow the physical movement of goods for improved end-to-end supply chain visibility The Cloud is quickly becoming a business imperative and, as such, plays a big role in Release 16. We want our customers to have the Cloud in their arsenal, so we have made Release 16 available in the OpenText Cloud, and as on-premises or hybrid deployments. Release 16 is infused with analytics. Everything from Content Suite to Process Suite to the Business Network has been designed to leverage the power of analytics, bringing significantly more value to enterprise information. This release is part of the movement from systems of record and engagement to systems of insight in the technology shift to cognitive systems. OpenText Release 16 delivers a variety of innovations of significant value to new and existing customers. The combination of cloud availability, an open stack, massive new functional capabilities, and deeper integrations make OpenText Release 16 a destination release for anyone looking to take EIM to the next level. This release represents the next generation of digital, bringing customers one step closer to more intelligent systems, allowing them to realize greater benefits like lower costs, higher efficiency, greater output, and innovation opportunities. As a platform of fully integrated EIM suites, OpenText Release 16 is the transformative platform of choice for information companies. At the end of the day, we are all information companies. And OpenText Release 16 is the key technology enabler. To discover how OpenText Release 16 can help you on your journey to digital transformation, download the white paper. For more information, visit or read the press release.

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