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#OTRoadTrip – Day 7 Recap


It seems as though my inner clock is just going bonkers because every day had started early and ended late. We’ve crossed a couple of time zones and rely heavily on our smart phones to tell us what time of day it is! Serving the Community – St. Vincent de Paul This morning we had an early start because we were invited to join our Scottsdale team at the St. Vincent de Paul Human Services Campus Dining Room to serve breakfast to the less fortunate. The team of volunteers from our Scottsdale office has been helping to serve breakfast at St. Vincent de Paul’s every month for the past 8 years! This was an initiative that was started by a former OpenText employee and continued on to become tradition. We met Ramona and team at the dining room for 6:30am and were given gloves and aprons and were immediately put to work. Keith and I ended up at the coffee station and Kurtis and Rana were on table-cleaning duties. And then the doors were opened and what followed was something we did not expect to experience. For the next hour and a half, the volunteers at St. Vincent de Paul (and us) served breakfast to over 500 people who lined up around the block for a warm meal. These are people who have had many challenges in life and have landed in an unfortunate situation. They were grateful; they were polite; and they were hungry. It’s difficult to describe the wave of emotions that we felt after finishing up at St. Paul’s. I couldn’t stop saying thank you to the team that allowed us to share in their experience and act of kindness because while we were looking to help, what we got back will stay with us for a long time. At one point, Rana had stopped cleaning tables and sat down to have conversations with a few of the patrons. She shared stories with us of the people we were feeding and some of the stories were heartbreaking. We served people who, at one point in time, worked blue-collar jobs and made very decent money only to find themselves without work and not being able to make ends meet. We met people who once had families and experienced love every day. We fed people who were embarassed that they got back in line to have a second helping and thought we would judge them. We said ‘you’re welcome’ to people who thanked us for just showing up because a smile goes a long way. The importance of community service is not lost on me and I hope that it’s not lost on my colleagues either. Giving back is something we can all do – we just need to find time and seek out opportunities to help. This component of our trip hasn’t been at the forefront because it’s a little more self-serving. When we first proposed this road trip, we wanted to be able to use the forum to drive awareness to things that matter to us as well – to help organizations that are really trying to make a difference. I know this is something that OpenText advocates and it’s why we always share stories of how OpenText employees are giving back all around the world. I believe community service and the people who create and expose others to these types of opportunities are truly valuable. If you’re in the Arizona region and you want to help, please consider this great organization and the initiatives they have proposed: www.stvincentdepaul.net Thank You, OpenText Scottsdale! After we left St. Vincent de Paul, we headed towards our Scottsdale office that was approximately 30 minutes away. We made a stop at Starbucks where we had our first scare in the car. If you ask Keith, he’ll tell you that I almost killed everyone with my driving but Kurtis can attest to the fact that the other driver was totally in the wrong! Anyway, we made it into the Starbucks parking lot safely and got our caffeine fix. Keith claims that now, every time I turn left, he has heart palpatations (he obviously scares too easily haha). When we arrived at the Scottsdale office, we were greeted by many friendly and happy faces! Our colleages gathered into the lunch room and we told them about our journey so far. We shared breakfast and many laughs! What a great group of people we have here – very enthusiastic and funny. Special thanks to Ramona Ferrera, Christine Musil, Chris Minotti and Kristy Cantrell for helping us to organize the entire visit. They were instrumental in making this successful and gathering everyone down for the photo: Thank You, Optima (Partner) After visiting the Scottsdale site, we thought we’d drop in to see our OpenText partner, Optima ECM Consulting. Now, being in Marketing for many years, I have seen the name Optima many times as they are always proud sponsors for our events. This year, they have a 10×10 booth at Enterprise World so be sure to check them out! Beautiful Sedona and the Grand Canyon For those of you who know Keith, you know that there aren’t many times that he is rendered speechless. However, if you want a quiet Keith, take him to Sedona where he will just ogle the scenery. We have never been to Sedona or the Grand Canyon so this was definitely a first for all of us. What we didn’t expect was experiencing three seasons within the span of 2-3 hours. We were warm in Scottsdale and as we headed into Sedona, the temperature quickly dropped. When we were driving through Sedona, it became a winter storm to challenge many winter storms in Canada! Then, onto sunny skies for the drive towards the Grand Canyon. I think mother nature might have a personality disorder… With the Grand Canyon being a bucket list item for Keith, we tried so very hard to make it there on time. We managed to get there for 5pm (sunset is at 5:30) and stopped in at the first photo op stop – Lipan Point. It was freezing and two out of four of us were wearing shorts (based on the weather conditions in Scottsdale). We may look like we’re having fun but really, our smiles were frozen from the first time we got out of the car… Unfortunately, it was too dark by the time we got to the main lookout point but we got a pretty decent preview and will have to come back another time to see it all! Las Vegas, We Have Arrived. After driving another 4.5 hours – with a failed attempt at stopping at the Hoover Dam (long story) – we found ourselves on Las Vegas Boulevard….. It’s not over quite yet. There’s more to come tomorrow! Until then… Mandy #OTROADTRIP

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#OTRoadTrip – Day 6 Recap


It’s almost hard to believe that we’ve been driving now for 6 days. As we sat and had dinner tonight, we all were taken aback by the thought that just last week, we were still making phone calls, booking appointments, and talking to caterers. And now, on the last night on the road, we are amazed at all that we’ve done in the week. Day 6 was yet another early start as we had a 5 hour drive to get to Tucson. This was not a planned stop but we figured that it was en route to Scottsdale and we should stop to see our colleagues. We were greeted with big smiles and excitement. To my surprise, they group wished me a happy birthday and even presented me with a cake and a “uniquely-Tucscon” signed card! What a wonderful group of people. I am reminded every time we visit a site that even though a lot of the employees still associate themselves with an acquired OpenText company, they are team-players who are so proud to be a part of the OpenText family. They are not only proud of the work that they do, they are proud to show us their office space to convey how great their work environment is. By the way, I would like to put in a personal request to facilities.Can we please get a coffee machine in the Waterloo office that makes French Vanilla cappuccinos with the touch of a button (i.e. NOT the Keurig versions)? Thank you to Amy Perry who coordinated the event and championed our visit to Tucson. Here is a picture of the team! After visiting our friends at Tucson, we were told that we have a famous designer in the house! Dirk Arnold designed a neon sign that is prominently displayed in the city. So naturally, we had to stop by to get some pictures. If you are interested in reading more about his sign, you can do so in the NYTimes article here. And here’s a picture! We made a minor pit stop so that Rana could buy a cowboy hat. It was worth it 🙂 We got back on I-10W and made our way to Scottsdale, where we stopped at the Scottsdale Quarters to make sure Keith picked up an American Girl t-shirt for his daughter. Here are some of the sights we’ve been seeing on the road: Day 6 came to an end with a wonderful birthday dinner with my crew. We’re exhausted but we’re happy to be a part of something so incredibly inspiring. We’re meeting strangers on the street who stop us to ask about OpenText and our journey and every time I hear one of us explaining what the company does, I feel a sense of pride and joy to be part of a company that’s driving so many businesses around the world. Well, it’s way past my bedtime and we have a long day tomorrow, so I bid you farewell and goodnight! Mandy #OTROADTRIP

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#OTRoadTrip – Day 5 Recap


One of the best parts about this road trip is being able to see the great cities of the United States. Last night we arrived in Dallas pretty late for dinner and then pushed on to get to Austin. Both cities are gorgeous and the saying is right: Everything is bigger in Texas! Our morning started early – which, at this point, we’re pretty used to! it’s Day 5 and we have been averaging about 5 hours of sleep a night. Some of us (*cough* Kurtis) sleep better in the car than others but we’re trying to snooze when we can. It definitely helps to have four drivers and so far, the driving has been great! Thank You, OpenText Austin! We arrived at the OpenText Austin office fairly early and thank goodness for Irma and Kari who arrived early just to make sure we could get into the building. The office is on the lower lowel, with a reception/conference area on the main floor. We were so kindly greeted by everyone who came into the break room to join us for breakfast. We had the most delicious breakfast tacos from Taco Deli (note: We need one in Canada!) Luckily for us, we were able to make a cameo in the All-Hands Live show and talk to CMO Adam Howatson. How fun was that?? We were in a tiny meeting room but managed to squeeze in more than 20 people! Everyone wore blue for Blue Carbon Day and were anxiously awaiting for our turn to appear on the live stream. The Austin group was enthusiastic, proud and incredibly welcoming. Thank you OpenText Austin! A special thanks to Barb Commons, Irma Nguyen and Bob Caldwell, who were instrumental in setting up everything for the site visit. I’m so grateful to have worked with them on this and to have finally met them! The Alamo After visiting our colleagues at the Austin office, we knew that it would be a long drive ahead. We decided that instead of driving 14 hours to Scottsdale in one day, we’d break it up and try to make it to El Paso. Well, a detour that made sense and that was recommended was The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas. The Alamo, for those of you who don’t already know, is the actual site where the Texas Revolution took place back in the 1830’s. This place is OLD but very well-maintained. As you can see in the image below, Keith was very impressed with the Alamo and was extremely excited to be here… taking selfies with the group. ha-ha 🙂 The Long Haul to El Paso After having lunch nearby, we hit the road again for another 8-hour drive to El Paso. Let me just tell you – there is not much happening on HWY 10 between Austin and El Paso so there was a lot of karaoke and bouts of silence in the car. We finally made it to El Paso and are settling in for the night now. Everyone is aching for their beds! Today was a really great day and I just have to say – the dynamic of this group is really exceptional. To answer the question that many of you are asking: We are getting along wonderfully and I think it shows in our attitude during any of the visits. We are very espectful of each other and I think it has a very positive effect on the work we’re producing. Every day, we blog and render videos at night to make sure you have content in the morning. Well, I’m basically writing this blog with my eyes half-opened so that means it is time for bed! Don’t forget to follow us on social media! #OTROADTRIP Have a good night! Mandy

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#OTRoadTrip – Day 4 Recap


Today was a long driving day as we aimed to get to Austin from Nashville in one day. The estimated drive was 12.5 hours but it’s now 2am and we have just checked in to the hotel in Austin. The day started at 8:00am and we stopped at McDonald’s for breakfast. I have to admit, I am a fan of McDonald’s and when it comes to breakfast, my staple dish is hot cakes. I LOVE hot cakes from McDonald’s – they’re fluffy, buttery, and probably not very good for me. 🙂 Graceland – Memphis, Tennessee After breakfast, we headed towards Graceland in Memphis. It was a short, but fun, pit stop where we visited the infamous property of Elvis Presley (how fitting since we’re heading to Vegas!) Did you know that Graceland attracts over half a million visitors a year and is the second most visited home in the US, only trumped by the White House? Well, we were there today and we took some great pictures from the stone wall in front of the property, which is FILLED with signatures and notes from fans and visitors. So we decided to get crafty and leave our own mark. Here are some pics: Hello, Texas! It’s been a long driving day but we’re finally here and excited for the full day ahead (in just a few hours!). We’re excited to meet our colleagues in the Austin office and to get a cameo at the all-hands live with our executive team. It’s going to be another early start but we’re ready and we can’t wait to see more of Texas! That’s it for now – sorry it’s a short post but Kurtis should have more footage of the shenanigans in the car (since that’s where we spent most of the day!) Hope you’re all enjoying the blog – and don’t forget to share on social media! Mandy #OTROADTRIP

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#OTRoadTrip – Day 3 Recap


Gaylord Opryland Convention Center We are currently staying at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel and it is absolutely gorgeous. From the moment you walk in, you are entranced by the atmosphere – even when you arrive at 1am and are delerious! Most of the time, you don’t see a hotel like this unless you’re at a resort in the Carribean! It feels like you’re in a tropical paradise – with the atrium and indoor gardens. Run by Marriott (OpenText preferred hotels), I can’t say I’ve seen a prettier hotel in the US! I’m not often left speechless but when I walked in, I was definitely awed. What a great idea to bring the outdoors inside. Check out this view – it is the entrance to the gardens just beyond the front lobby: Most of the hotel rooms have balconies that face inward to the gardens – so you can sit with a hot tea and blog with the sound of waterfalls in the background (just sayin’). This is definitely a place that I’d come back to… perhaps next year! Cooper Tropper Pumpkin Patch Last night before we went to bed, we received a text and email that kind of dampened our plans for the morning. We had planned to volunteer at the Cooper Trooper Pumpkin Patch providing customer service to patrons. The special thing about this volunteer opportunity was that all the proceeds (100%) from the sale of pumpkins goes to funding pediatric cancer research. It’s a great foundation that is doing great things for Nashville and we were sorry to miss the opportunity. Unfortunately for us, all the pumpkins at the patch were sold out as of 7pm yesterday and so we were no longer required to help! On the other hand, it is wonderful news that the foundation sold all of its pumpkins – it just means that more funds were made this year to support a great cause. So this morning, without having to get up at 5am, we did not set our alarms – which meant that I slept in until 9am! I think this is the longest I’ve slept in the last 3 months (I’m the mother of a 2 year-old boy who doesn’t like to sleep!) We had breakfast as a team and then headed back to our rooms to do some work. Movember – Men’s Health Awareness At noon, we decided to head to downtown Nashville to take in some sights. We took a walk down to Printer’s Alley and then up to the nearby Starbucks to kill some time before Kurtis’ appointment at Red’s Barber Shop. For 8 years now, Kurtis has been participating in the Movember initiative and gathering donations to fund programs that focus on men’s health – especially with regards to prostate and testicular cancer, as well as improving mental health and overall physical well-being. This is incredibly important to him and it’s something he consistently participates in every year. To participate, Kurtis shaves his iconic beard and grows a mustache for the month of November – he gathers donations and posts updates of his mustache growth and at the end of the month, he shaves it. So today, at the start of November, Kurtis made an appointment at Red’s and got a fresh razor shave. I have to admit, it’s been difficult to look at him because I’m not used to seeing him without facial hair. In fact, I’m convinced he’s not used to it either but it’s all for a good cause and I’m sure by next week, it will be a fully grown mustache 🙂 What a great sport he is. 🙂 Go Kurtis! We Need to Eat a Salad… After Red’s, Kurtis and Keith roamed the streets of downtown Nashville while Rana and I headed back to the hotel for some R&R. We dropped the guys off at Third Man Records – a records store launched by the infamous Jack White – and met up with them at 7:00pm. When everyone reconvened for dinner, we decided to try out Martin’s BBQ Joint for some more barbecued meat. I have to say – the food was delicious! However, when we left, we discussed that maybe – just maybe – we should have some vegetables for our next meal. Perhaps a vegetarian meal is in order – just to level out the amount of bbq we’ve been consuming! Here we are at Martin’s – Keith, myself, Rana and the “un-bearded” Kurtis! We’re calling it a day. It was a rainy and gloomy day in Nashville today but we made the best of it! This entire trip so far has been a balancing act – we have connectivity in our vehicle the entire time we’re driving and when we can, we try to keep updated on our jobs back home. There’s a satisfaction in being productive but also in being able to have fun as well and making this trip as interactive as possible. We hope you’re enjoying it too! Tomorrow, we’ve got a long day of driving ahead of us as we head to Austin, Texas! We’ll be stopping in Memphis and hopefully seeing Elvis! 😉 Ta-ta for now and Happy Halloween! Mandy

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#OTRoadTrip – Day 2 Recap


It was another early start for Day 2 of our road trip. Last night, we landed at the JW Marriott in Chicago and it’s no surprise that the guys were able to sleep as soon as they were horizontal. Rana and I were both up late and then woke up early because we were ready to get started! We also discovered that Rana and I have a recurring fear of sleeping in (like we’re going to miss the exam!) so we get up several times before the alarm goes off to check the time! This is Kurtis and I in the car… I think I won this fight! 😉 OpenText Chicago – Breakfast Visit We were on the road by 6:30am, navigating through the streets of downtown Chicago to head to the north side to visit our colleagues at the OpenText Chicago office. When we arrived, we were greeted by Mark Mixter who was waiting outside for us in the parking lot – well, he had also forgotten his key card and may have been waiting for someone to bring him in 🙂 Nevertheless, he immediately saw our car and waved and it was nice to feel like a celebrity and see a friendly face! In the elevator, we ran into another OpenText-er, Chris G who said it was a treat to come in to the office to meet us! We had breakfast with the Chicago employees and then gathered for a group photo. What a great group of people. It never ceases to amaze me how a group of people can form an instant bond. We felt welcomed and appreciated and instantly connected with our colleagues. Here’s the group picture that we took inside… and I assure you, it quickly become silly once we were outside near the car! Special thanks to Dave Sarjeant and David Kawaguchi for helping us plan this breakfast. We couldn’t have done it without you! Customer Appreciation – The PrivateBank Once we left the OpenText Chicago office, we headed back into the downtown core to visit with one of our customers, The PrivateBank. It’s been a whirlwind planning this event for over 200 employees at PrivateBank and I could not have done it without the help of Gerry and Janine – our contacts at PrivateBank. When I first talked to them, I told them I would order 100 pizzas to make sure we had enough food and Gerry basically laughed at me and said, “Have you ever had a pizza in Chicago before?” After much teasing and shared laughs, we decided that we would leave the pizza ordering up to Janine and unfortunately, they both now think that Canadian pizzas are the size of a large plate. 🙂 We parked in the loading dock and headed up with our t-shirts, not knowing what to expect. What we received was one of the warmest welcomes ever. They had set us up in the main foyer of the 8th floor, where we would get the most traffic and even had tables for us so we could display all of our awesome OpenText t-shirts. We also got a 50′ TV screen where we could put up our Road Trip slides and route. And then, lunch was served! We must have seen approximately 150-170 people walk through the foyer in the lunch hour and everyone was incredibly nice. Luckily we were joined by a few members of the sales team, including Paul Olson, Brent Litzer, and Mike Bolte, who not only helped greet everyone but even helped us sort t-shirts to keep the flow going. The PrivateBank is an important customer of ours and we couldn’t have been more proud to be there. I had a chance to talk to the CTO, Dean, and thanked him for letting us come in and share this experience with his team. He said that they do this every month for their employees to maintain morale and that we were a welcomed change for the month. How great is that? Want to know more about how OpenText works with The PrivateBank? Go here to read all about it. www.theprivatebank.com Chicago —> Nashville We left Chi-town (Rana: “What’s chee-town??”) at around 2pm and headed towards Nashville. We knew it’d be quite the drive and based on everybody’s advice, if we left any later, we’d be stuck in traffic! Again, the traffic gods were on our side and we breezed through Indianapolis down I-65! While on the road, we decided to stop in at Louisville, Kentucky for dinner. Thanks to Renee Tremblay for the awesome recommendation to stop at Doc Crows. And let me just tell you – you can smell the BBQ as soon as you exit the highway – it’s amazing. Here we are, looking cool as ice…Thanks to Rana, our photographer! We arrived in Nashville after 2 hours of very loud karaoke and singing in the car, where Rana made me laugh so much I almost veered off the road. It was an incredibly long, but fun and productive day and we can’t wait to get started on the 3rd…. Nashville… watch out! Mandy #otroadtrip – don’t forget to follow us!

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#OTRoadTrip – Day 1 Recap


An Early Start… Today was definitely a long day but what a way to start this amazing road trip. Our day started very early – Keith was on the road at 4:30am and was in Elmira to pick me up by 5:00am. We picked up Rana at the hotel by 5:15am and made a pitstop at the OpenText Waterloo office because Ms. Rana forgot her sweater. Now, if Keith tells the story, he’ll say that I was tapping my watch to remind everyone that we were already late to pick up Kurtis. This would be true but I’m not quite the time-tyrant that he makes me out to be! I promise. Well, we got Kurtis at 6:00am and then we hit the road. We drove for about 2 hours before Keith and Rana started to panic about crossing the border with all of our filming gear and luggage. “Will they stop us at the border and make us turn back?” “Will they take all of our swag?” So naturally, the team decided that the least threatening face was mine and we stopped on the shoulder of the highway so that Keith and I could switch spots. And… it worked. We made it through in about 5 minutes because there was no traffic. I’m convinced it’s because our vehicle looked so awesome that the border patrol officer didn’t know what to make of it. 🙂 And of course, as soon as we got to the Michigan Information Center, I was relieved of my driving duties and Keith continued on! Here’s what we looked like at 6am…Special thanks to Meghan Huras who packed her selfie stick in my camera bag. The team is embarassed when I pull it out but I’m convinced they are secretly grateful for it! Customer Appreciation As part of the road trip, we had a few initiatives in mind but something we were all looking forward to was meeting some of our customers. As marketers, we are always producing content that is meant for customers but we don’t always have the opportunity to have that dialogue in person (Well, except for Rana because it’s her job!). So we wanted to make stops at our customers to show them how much we appreciate their business and to learn a little more about how OpenText software is driving businesses around the world. Our first customer stop was very special because we didn’t know what to expect. We pulled up to Delphi Corporation in Troy, Michigan and were immediately impressed. We shared lunch with a small group of users and were able to talk to them about our trip and they shared in the excitement of our adventure. More importantly, we learned about Delphi and how OpenText software contributes to their business every single day. It was inspiring to hear their corporate story of growth and innovation. We even had the opportunity to take a tour of their amazing Innovation Center. If you want to know more about Delphi, please check out their site here: www.delphi.com Special thanks to our AE, Hani Silwani, for helping to make this stop possible. And to Greg, our customer who was a champion and expert tour guide 😉 Welcome to the Windy City: Chicago Right after our stop at Delphi, we decided it would be best to start on our way to Chicago. We were told we’d be arriving right around rush hour and it would take us forever to get to the hotel. Well, the traffic gods might have been looking down on us because we managed to skip the traffic and arrived safely at our hotel for 6pm. We crowd-sourced ideas for our dinner and landed at Lou Malnati’s. (Thanks to everyone who submitted suggestions on social media!) We decided to walk from the hotel since we’d been in the car for the entire day and what a treat it was to see this beautiful city on foot. Also, we managed to cross off a to-do on Kurtis’ list! Here he is with his personal-sized deep pan pizza… now that is a happy man! We’ve been meeting many people along the way and our vehicle has definitely turned some heads. We’re having fun but we are pooped! It is midnight now and I’m sitting in my hotel room (where the curtains are surprisingly too sheer) and my body is craving the bed. Tomorrow, we visit our colleagues in our Chicago office and then off to another customer appreciation event in the city. Then we head to Nashville! Can’t wait to tell you all about it! Mandy PS – I’ve been getting a few questions about our infamous lego people… Well, they are a limited edition and are meant for the OpenText site leaders! I managed to sneak a couple in my camera bag so they’re coming with us on the road trip. Let’s see how popular they are and maybe I can make a case to order some more… 🙂 #otroadtrip #legoppl

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#OTRoadTrip – Thank You Waterloo!


What a great send-off from Waterloo! Special thanks to our site leaders, Nicolas Heldmann, Mei Dent and Lindsay Lane for organizing a great turn-out and for the care package they so thoughtfully put together for us! Look… CMO Adam Howatson even made a cameo 😉 And… we’re off!!!

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#OTRoadTrip – Thank You Richmond Hill!


Thank you to the entire team at OpenText Richmond Hill for hosting us on Monday as we kicked off our first OpenText site visit. We served sandwiches and cookies and had a great turnout – approximately 130 people came to have lunch with us and to say hello! We also handed out some pretty awesome OpenText t-shirts. The building is currently under construction and we got a preview of what the amazing renovations that are underway. Can’t wait to re-visit the office when it’s all done! Special thanks to Rana Aluraibi who planned the visit and to her wonderful co-workers at the office who helped set everything up. We got some great video footage and managed to get a team picture with the Maintenance Renewals team, led by the ever-so-kind, Alan MacDonald! (Team photo, above) Richmond Hill was just the start – Chicago, Austin and Scottsdale… we’re coming your way!!!!! #OTROADTRIP

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#OTRoadTrip – Why I Love Road Trips

When I was younger, my mother put me in a lot of classes. As a new immigrant, it was ingrained in my mind that education was imperative; and in my mother’s mind, if my siblings and I weren’t in school, we were probably getting into trouble. So we went to school – seven days a week. We went to “normal” school from Monday to Friday, took Chinese-speaking classes on Saturday morning and piano lessons in the afternoon, and finished off with Vietnamese-speaking classes and religious studies on Sunday. My mother, being completely devoted to our “brain training” always waited patiently in the family car – through all the seasons of the year. What about the summer, you ask? Well, we went to summer school! We were, possibly, the only children in the neighborhood who went to school when we didn’t need to go to school! BUT between July to August and December to January, the auto factory where my parents both worked, there was a one-week shutdown where all the employees would have time off. This is when the entire family would pack our car and take one of the epic road trips that would define many of my childhood memories. My father was not a fan of maps during our trips. Of course, he’d study the map beforehand but he also felt that getting lost was still an adventure and sometimes he’d say, “We’ll drive until we can see the water.” And we would; and it was always an adventure. My siblings and I laughed and sang English songs that we learned in school – giving my mother what she called the “chicken skin” up her arms. We’d pretend to see the police and laugh when my father slammed on the brakes. We slept over and under each other in the backseat, hoping to arrive at our destination upon opening our eyes. And it was always a great surprise where we’d end up. So now, a few decades after I experienced my first road trip, I’m embarking on another epic drive. Four colleagues – Keith, Kurtis, Rana and I – will be making the epic trek from Waterloo to Las Vegas. We are colleagues, we are friends, and we are great travelers. As most adventures go, we have a destination in mind (Enterprise World) but we are very excited about the journey. An idea has grown into a vision and is now being realized. Our bags are packed and our car is full. In 5000 kilometers – 3500 miles – we hope to stop and visit our colleagues in other OpenText offices; we hope to stop at customer sites to show them we appreciate their business; we hope to demonstrate random acts of kindness along the way to participate in the spirit of giving; we hope to see parts of the United States that we’ve never seen before. But mostly, we hope you’ll join us and come along for the ride. Mandy #OTROADTRIP

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#OTRoadTrip – The Route


So here’s our map: Oct 26 – OpenText (Richmond Hill) Oct 29 – OpenText (Waterloo) > Detroit, MI > Chicago, IL Oct 30 – Chicago, IL > Nashville, TN Oct 31 – Nashville, TN Nov 1 – Nashville, TN > Austin, TX Nov 2 – OpenText (Austin, TX) Nov 3 – Austin, TX > Scottsdale, AZ Nov 4 – OpenText (Scottsdale, AZ) > Las Vegas! Are we coming to your city? Have any recommendations on where to stop and eat and must-sees? Post a comment below or talk to us on social media!

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#OTRoadTrip – The Team


Rana Aluraibi Director, Customer Marketing Code Name: Ranooshka / Banana Rana Twitter: @ranoon Years of Service: 19.5 (yep, I started when I was 10) Languages: English / Arabic Favourites: Dogs / George Clooney / Nature / Kind people / Blackberry Strengths: Connecting with strangers and attention to detail Things to Accomplish on this Trip: Do acts of kindness along the way Selfies with customers, cowboys, George Clooney Get a massage, see a chiropractor or both! Buy a new purse Keith Sauve Director, Creative Services Code Name: K-Man Twitter: @poker_keith Years of Service: 8 Languages: English / French (sort of) Favourites: Poker / Toronto Blue Jays / Raptors / Apple Pie Strengths: Trouble-shooting / Problem-solving Things to Accomplish on this Trip: Yell into the Grand Canyon Meet as many strangers as possible Buy baseball cap at every city stop Lose my Karaoke virginity Kurtis Thomas Producer/Director, Creative Services Code Name: The Bearded Ginger Instagram: @bearded_ginger Years of Service: 5 Languages: English Favourites: Comic Books / Volunteering / Burritos / Craft Beer Strengths: Beard Growth / Comic Relief Things to Accomplish on this Trip: Get clean shaven in a barber shop Go a day without spilling on myself See a live band Try a deep dish pizza in Chicago Mandy Lam Senior Manager, Employee Communications Code Name: Manderitos / Mando Commando Twitter: @imandylam Years of Service: 6+5 (Boomerang) Languages: English / Vietnamese Favourites: Cats / TV / Sappy Love Songs / Pho Strengths: Writing Things to Accomplish on this Trip: Find a Pho restaurant Buy some cowboy boots in Texas Meet a celebrity Ride a mechanical bull in Nashville

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