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OnLiving; Deloitte and SAP Keynote

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On Thursday, OpenText CEO Mark Barrenechea took us on a heartfelt journey of his successful recovery from leukemia this year, an experience he described as “the most difficult journey in his life.” In February, Barrenechea was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia — a disease that he described as “complex” and one that “wanted to win.” At one point, his DNA mutated after receiving chemotherapy, rendering all forms of chemotherapy completely ineffective. Doctors lowered Barrenechea’s chance of survival to 10%. Despite several months of fighting for his life, Barrenechea never missed a day of work at OpenText. He cited his decision to continue doing what he loves as essential to his resolve. Barrenechea studied his disease down to “the atomic level,” allowing him to be his own best advocate in the face of difficult decisions. Tying back to the world of business, Barrenechea encouraged executives to learn one or two problems down to the atomic level each year. Rather than leading to micromanagement, Barrenechea said expertise makes for better executives and better corporate teams. Barrenechea said his goal in talking about his diagnoses, treatment, and recovery from leukemia was to help others dealing with personal challenges. “If I can help at least one person, [this talk] will have been an hour well spent.” Next up was Rodolpho Cardenuto, president of Global Partner Operations at SAP. Cardenuto spoke about SAP’s long-standing partnership with OpenText and advocated for the transition to digital technology. Cardenuto said that despite 90% of CEOs believing that digital technology will impact their businesses, only 16% are taking action, adding that early adopters are winning marketshare. Lastly, Bill Briggs, CTO of Deloitte Consulting, spoke about the five forces pushing digital transformation forward: analytics, the rethinking of work processes, the business of IT, the cloud, and core modernization. Briggs said consumers have been largely responsible for driving modernization to date, but that enterprises will assume that role in the future.

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Barrenechea Announces Release of OpenText Suite 16 and OpenText Cloud 16


OpenText’s Enterprise World 2015 kicked off Wednesday with OpenText CEO Mark Barrenechea discussing his predictions on the future of Enterprise Information Management (EIM), and announcing the company’s largest ever product release with the upcoming OpenText Suite 16 and OpenText Cloud 16. Available in the spring of 2016, OpenText Suite 16 addresses four key element of EIM – Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Process Management (BPM), Customer Experience Management (CEM) and Analytics. The company’s cloud-based offering, OpenText Cloud 16, addresses those same solutions plus Business Networks, and will be deployable on both the OpenText Cloud and third-party cloud platforms. Addressing the question of whether customers should go with OpenText Suite 16 or OpenText Cloud 16, Barrenechea said the world “remains hybrid” and that OpenText is modeling its business and its products to give customers the maximum choice in terms of deployment options – on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid model – depending on business requirements and corporate IT strategy. Barrenechea said that OpenText is the leading provider of EIM solutions, with over 80% of the Fortune 5000 currently using OpenText software. The company is committed to being the number one vendor in all five areas of EIM – investing over $200 million a year in engineering to realize that goal. Barrenechea spent some time discussing the factors driving digital disruption across markets. Factors like the changing workforce, expectations of “millennial” employees and customers, and the move to mobile and device-driven access to services are having a radical impact on mature, established businesses on a global basis. Citing the impact of digital disruption, Barrenechea gave the example of the US insurance industry, which maintains a model of insurance agents selling to the customer. But with the average age of an insurance agent being 52, this model is becoming increasingly irrelevant. Consumers are looking to bypass agents altogether, and insurance companies are looking to digital to deliver compelling experiences for customers that service all their needs. Barrenechea’s mantra- in order to stay relevant, companies must disrupt or they will be disrupted. After his keynote, Barrenechea was followed on stage by comedian Mike Myers, who wore a bright blue Toronto Maple Leafs uniform, a nod to his Toronto upbringing. Myers spoke passionately about his Canadian background, applauding what makes Canada different from its nearest neighbor, and shared some experiences about his acting career and the state of the entertainment industry. He also talked about how digital is having a profound effect on how films are made, distributed and watched.

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Visit the Innovation Lab


Join us for a visit to the Innovation Lab, where customers get to test drive products and provide feedback to the team. We took a minute to catch up with Tony Haverda, director of user experience engineering.    

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Session Spotlight: Analyze This

Recently, we announced OpenText Big Data Analytics to access, blend, explore, and analyze Big Data without depending on IT or data experts. To celebrate, we’ve compiled the list of must- attend Analytics sessions at the 2015 Enterprise World! Don’t miss out!

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Session Spotlight: Cloud Blueprint

With enterprise migration to the cloud accelerating, enterprise cloud services help organizations to simplify businesses to stay competitive, agile, and innovative. Enterprise World 2015’s blueprint workshop is a half-day workshop providing an overview of the OpenText Cloud, benefits of managed cloud services, and a blueprint on how to develop a business case for moving your ECM process into our Cloud. Register today

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Wait for it…

Enterprise World 2015 is just around the corner! Are you as excited as us? As we close in on Vegas, we want you to feel like you are already there. So, we are going to bring you all the news right as it happens. When we know something, you’ll know it too. In fact, I’ll get you started. Did you know the agenda builder is already up? That’s right, beat the rush and put your schedule together now so you don’t have to think about it later. But, you can only build the agenda if you’ve registered, so go ahead and sign up and get that out of the way as well. You know you want to. If you are still not sure, check out these top reasons in person conferences can’t be beat. And, with that, stay with us and we’ll get you to Vegas, prepared and ready to maximize your trip.

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