Review of BIRT iHub 3: New UI Provides Better User Experience

There is a fine line that software companies must walk between providing a simple enough interface for new users to get up and running quickly and enough complex features and configuration settings to keep the experienced users happy. In iHub 3, the user interface was completely redone to provide a consistent, modern user experience which should help users of all levels create great looking, functional applications.

MyFilesMy Files

When learning to use a new software suite, there’s not much more confusing than going to a different area and feeling like you opened a completely different application. One of the things that makes the new iHub 3 UI more user friendly is the consistency of the look and feel. Whether you’re in My Files, Dashboards, Interactive Viewer, Report Studio, or Metrics Manager, the new UI and design principles carry through, providing familiarity that can be the difference between user confidence and user confusion.

InteractiveViewerInteractive Viewer

The iHub 3 design team focused on several productivity enhancing design principles when creating the new UI. Those include:

  • Simple: Removes extraneous objects, colors, and other visual elements that might distract users from their tasks or that might come across as “noise” in a finished product.
  • Modern: Updates the design so that its interface, architecture, and other parts of the user’s experience feel contemporary and fresh.
  • Elegant: Recognizes that form is as important as function in crafting an experience with a design vocabulary and style that is sleek, sophisticated, and appealing.
  • Focused: Ensures that data, data stories and visualization of the content takes center stage, while allowing application elements (fit and finish) to take a visual back seat, while still remaining powerful and effective.
  • Intuitive: Craft solutions that take advantage of a user’s prior experience and expectations to eliminate confusion, frustration, or long learning curves.

Download the trial version of the iHub to check out the new UI for yourself. To see a list of all of what’s new in iHub 3 or to find links to my other iHub 3 series blogs, check out my iHub 3 blog series Introduction. If you have questions, feel free to post them in the comments or in the iHub forum.


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