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OpenText Enterprise World 2016 – More Business Network!

If you’re going to take time away from your busy schedule to attend a vendor event, that event had better be relevant to your job, your business and the OpenText solutions you use. This year, Enterprise World has more B2B and secure messaging. We’ve reduced the number of keynote sessions and added 300% more Business Network breakout sessions to give you valuable insights, such as:

  • How OpenText™ Trading Grid® Analytics delivers unprecedented supply chain intelligence
  • How to reduce onboarding times by more than 50% and better manage supplier information
  • How B2B mobility improves your supply chain responsiveness
  • How to automate your procure-to-pay and order-to-cash processes
  • How to jumpstart your Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives with pervasive integration and embedded analytics already available in the Grid

Here is how you can GET MORE at Enterprise World 2016

More B2B Presence

B2B is a leading strategic investment area for OpenText, and this is clearly reflected at Enterprise World 2016. You will find more than 40 Business Network breakout sessions. Check out these and other sessions:

  • B2B Outsourcing Top 5 Best Practices (B2B-101)
  • How to Achieve Global Shipment Visibility in Your Supply Chain (B2B-209)
  • Improving Vendor Compliance and Relationships Through Automated Deductions Management (B2B-211)

More Peer Presenters & Networking

Attend Enterprise World 2016 and hear real use cases from your industry peers.  Gain insights and best practices from B2B customers, including MillerCoors, KeyBank, Northbay, Sutter Health and more.

Check out these and other sessions:

  • From Zero to Hero: How MillerCoors Transformed its Supply Chain (B2B-105)
  • How KeyBank Grew Customer Satisfaction and Competitiveness with B2B Managed Services (TBD)
  • Fax Customer Panel: Peer Best Practice Sharing with Northbay, Sutter Health (FAX-208)

We are also providing more networking opportunities to help you build valuable professional relationships.

More Technical Sessions

Breakout sessions will cover detailed product updates and roadmap reviews so you can take advantage of the latest capabilities in your solution, and plan for what’s coming next – OpenText™ B2B Managed Services,  OpenText™ Trading Grid VAN and OpenText™ BizManager™ gateway. Technical experts leading discussions are eager to obtain your feedback on priorities and directions. Check out these and other sessions:

  • Roadmap Roundup: BizManager B2B Gateway (B2B-203)
  • Roadmap Roundup: Trading Grid Messaging Service (B2B-204)
  • BizManager Transformation Mapper Workshop (UTR-1-6612)
  • Get a Handle on Document Exchange: Trends in Connectivity and Communications Protocols (B2B-212)

More Support & Implementation Best Practices

Solution consultants and support experts will provide practical advice for optimizing your solutions, at all stages of their lifecycle. We will arm you with tips and tricks to be more effective in your role. Check out these and other sessions:

  • The New Experience: Business Network Customer Support Update (B2B-215)
  • Simplify & Optimize Your SAP Implementation with B2B Managed Services (B2B-102)
  • How to Get the Most from Business Network Professional Services (B2B-216)

More Strategic Direction

To be successful, you need to stay ahead of major trends and other disruptive forces. Your B2B ecosystem is no exception. At Enterprise World 2016, you will learn about the impact of digital disruption, the Internet of Things, a bimodal supply chain, embedded analytics, and the movement to cloud and outsourced business models.

Turn the buzz into reality and gain practical insights to get started in your organization now—leveraging the investments you’ve already made in OpenText B2B. Check out these and other sessions:

  • Use Business Network Pervasive Integration to Kickstart Your IoT Initiative (B2B-107)
  • Gain Supply Chain Intelligence with Trading Grid Analytics (B2B-207)
  • Assess Your B2B Maturity: Are You Leading or Lagging Your Industry Peers? (B2B-100)

More Industry Sessions

OpenText understands that industries are bound by common markets, opportunities, and challenges. Learn more from your industry peers at Enterprise World 2016 with the following sessions, among others. Select your industry on the registration page for more.

Financial Services:

  • How KeyBank Grew Customer Satisfaction and Competitiveness with B2B Managed Services (TBD)
  • Integration for Banks and Corporate Treasury (B2B-104)
  • Business Networks for Financial Services and Insurance (FNS-200)


  • Simplify & Optimize Your SAP Implementation with B2B Managed Services (B2B-102)
  • Improve Your Supply Chain Performance With Supplier KPIs (B2B-208)
  • How Will Digital Disruption Impact Manufacturing (MFG-200)


  • Improving Vendor Compliance and Relationships Through automated Deductions Management (B2B-211)
  • Creating a 360-Degree View of Your Customers with Big Data Analytics (ANA-101)

More Value

You will get more value from Enterprise World 2016. In addition to these highlights, expect many opportunities to engage with OpenText B2B experts. Also GET MORE at Innovation Labs, Expo Labs, and Customer Reference Roundtables.

And don’t forget the Business Network fax and secure messaging portfolio—helping you manage the exchange of unstructured information. Check out these and other sessions:

  • Using OpenText Capture Center to Integrate Faxes into Your Applications (FAX-204)
  • Best Practices in Deploying Secure Messaging Across Your Enterprise (FAX-202)
  • Simplify & Save Money: Extend Faxing to the Cloud (FAX-201)

You can register now.

About Greg Horton

Greg Horton
Greg Horton is a Product Marketing Director for OpenText Business Network. Greg is responsible for sharing how OpenText B2B Integration services and Active Applications can impact business agility, profitability and growth. Greg brings more than 20 years of enterprise software experience. Prior to joining OpenText, he held positions in marketing, product planning and product management at Microsoft, Relex Software, M*Modal, Epicor Software and Serena Software.

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