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MRDM Uses OpenText Analytics to Improve Health Care Outcomes

One of the high-potential use cases for Big Data is to improve health care. Millions of gigabytes of information are generated every day by medical devices, hospitals, pharmacies, specialists, and more.

The problem is collecting and sorting through this enormous pool of data to figure out which hospitals, providers, or treatments are the most effective, and putting those insights into the hands of patients, insurers, and other affected parties.

Finally, that promise is starting to become reality. A Dutch company, Medical Research Data Management (MRDM), is using OpenText™ Analytics to help the Netherlands’ health care system figure out the most productive and cost-efficient providers and outcomes.

The effort to make data collection faster, easier, and more accurate is already paying off. For example, hospitals using MRDM’s OpenText-based analytics and reporting solution for evaluating medical data have been able to reduce complications after colon cancer surgeries by more than half over four years.

MRDM chose OpenText Analytics after it realized it needed a robust technical platform that could support more complex, sophisticated medical reporting solutions, and larger volumes of data, than the platform it had been using since it was founded in 2012, open-source BIRT (Business Intelligence Reporting Tool). It rejected many other commercial solutions because they either lacked key functionality or had an inconvenient pricing structure.  (OpenText allows an unlimited number of end users.)

The OpenText Analytics components that MRDM is using include a powerful deployment and visualization server that supports a wide range of personalized dashboards with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface.

This means MRDM can easily control who sees what. For example, hospitals get reports and visualizations that are refreshed every week with raw data about the outcomes of millions of medical procedures. They can review the findings and pinpoint any inaccurate data before approving them for publication.  Next, MRDM handles release of these reports in customized formats to insurance companies, Dutch government agencies, and patient organizations.  With more detailed information in hand, they can make better decisions leading to better use of limited health care resources.

To learn more about this exciting customer success story, including MRDM’s plans to expand throughout Europe and further abroad, click here.

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