Your Medical Biography is a Digitized Trail of Big Data

A far cry from the walls of paper files in medical offices, today’s digitized records let patients see lab results, get refill alerts and generally have more perspective and control over their medical destiny. These new systems are even using natural language processing algorithms to grasp the nuances of language, just like humans do.

A new OpenTextVoice article on, Big Data Takes Turn As Storyteller, Pulls Together Health Narratives, shows how the digitization of health records is changing the way our medical histories are recorded. Now, we can save and analyze not only structured data like dates and procedure codes, but also unstructured information like doctor’s notes.

All of these advancements are changing the medical paradigm to create a partnership between doctor and patient. It’s even supporting more sophisticated analysis, so that a treatment plan can be one based more on the full picture rather than just a snapshot. Get the full story here.

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