Leverage Non-BIRT Content in BIRT 360 Dashboard

BIRT 360 works great to show data visualizations as interactive charts, graphs, tables as well as any BIRT content. But did you know that you can also use it to display your existing (non BIRT) content in a gadget? If your content is available through a URL link you could use it to display it in a HTML 360 gadget. The HTML gadget also allows for embedding HTML, CSS and JavaScript content directly into it.
Here is a short video that demonstrates how you can display an e.Report in BIRT 360 dashboard gadget. It uses both URL and embedded HTML approaches to showcase the capability of the gadget. The following devshare articleprovides more details on how to formulate URL’s for these approaches.
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Like every other BIRT 360 gadget you can customize it for auto refresh, change dimensions, show/hide scroll bar, show/hide border and header. Furthermore, gadgets can link to each other so that information from one gadget can change the information displayed in another gadget (see my previous blog post). This brings interactive experience to an otherwise static content.
BIRT 360 is available as an option within BIRT iServer. Download your free evaluation copy of BIRT iServer and give it a try. 

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