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Over the past four months I have been busy supporting our Innovation Tour events. Starting off in Sydney last November, then on to Singapore, Tokyo, London, Paris, Munich, Stockholm and finally Eindhoven last week. The events were a big success and we had a significant increase in attendees compared to similar events we held early last year.Enterprise World 2017The Innovation Tour events are a single day format with keynotes and guest speakers in the morning and then the afternoon is broken out into product or solution specific tracks. I supported our Business Network track at some of the events and we had around three to four presentations with various customer presentations weaved into the agendas. Business Network has come a long way since GXS and EasyLink were acquired by OpenText and these events provide an ideal platform to update our customers on the investments we have made and to provide some insights into our future direction. It is certainly an exciting time to be at OpenText, especially with new digital technologies being top of mind for many CIOs around the world.

No sooner do I get back from our last event in Eindhoven, we are now heads down planning for our next event, our global customer conference, Enterprise World 2017,  in Toronto in July. This will be my fourth Enterprise World and each year the event grows exponentially in size. The event runs over a few days and the format of the event is essentially an extended version of our Innovation Tour one day events, but with a lot more activities thrown in for good measure. I will explain some of those activities in a moment.

OpenText has made over 50 acquisitions in its 25 year history and these acquisitions underpin our Enterprise Information Management strategy to enable companies to digitize information flowing across their business and extended enterprise. Each of these acquisitions has been placed into one of the following six product divisions across our company.

Enterprise World 2017

At Enterprise World we will effectively have an ‘event within an event’ and Business Network will have nearly thirty breakout sessions. This is a really comprehensive series of presentations, mostly focused on product and solution offerings but we will also be delivering some key sessions relating to the future of the supply chain and providing insights relating to a new digital transformation survey from IDC.

Enterprise World 2017

As with last year’s event I seem to have been handed multiple plates to spin for this event, but I just wanted to provide some insight into five of the sessions I will be hosting at Enterprise World 2017.

Enterprise World 2017

Session 1 – Over several decades, OpenText™ Business Network has evolved to embrace new standards, new technologies and new ways of working with customers and trading partners. Over the past 12 months Business Network has introduced many new capabilities to improve how we both deploy and manage your end-to-end information exchange and integration requirements. However there are new technologies such as cognitive analytics, Blockchain and Industry 4.0/IoT on the horizon, and Business Network will continue evolving to embrace new technologies and new ways of working. This session will provide insights on some of these new technologies and how OpenText sees them fitting into our evolving Business Network.

Enterprise World 2017

Session 2 – OpenText recently sponsored a study from the analyst firm IDC to understand whether new digital technologies were leading to new supply chain transformation initiatives across a company. From drones and wearable devices to Industry 4.0, today’s CIOs are spending billions of dollars looking for ways to embrace these technologies across their respective businesses. I recently posted a blog on these technologies. This is leading to a need to modernize ICT and B2B infrastructures, establish new digital back bones and somehow manage these new digital initiatives while at the same time manage complex B2B environments. B2B Managed Services can not only provide a digital backbone which seamlessly integrates external trading partners to internal enterprise systems, it can also provide additional resources to manage your B2B environment leaving you to focus on managing your business and rolling out new digital initiatives across the extended enterprise. This session will provide key insights from the study.

Enterprise World 2017

Session 3Trading Grid Analytics delivers powerful intelligence for your business to optimize supply chain efficiencies, spot opportunities, and mitigate risks, before they disrupt your business. Big Data and the Digital Supply Chain are two leading disruptive forces facing companies today. According to Gartner, “Analytics top the list of important initiatives for supply chain organizations to ensure their ability to support digital business.” This session will provide an overview of the key capabilities of Trading Grid Analytics and how it can offer deeper insights into what is going on across your end to end supply chain.

Enterprise World 2017

Session 4 – Your business is faced with multiple demands and challenges. Whether internal initiatives, such as ERP consolidation; go-to-market strategies, such as M&A activity or channel expansion; or external forces and mandates, such as electronic invoice compliance, your resources are stretched thin. Attend this session to learn how OpenText B2B Managed Services can help your organization turn these challenges into opportunity and competitive advantage and shield your business from the complexities of B2B integration allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Enterprise World 2017

Session 5 – If your business runs SAP, then you have made a significant investment in an ERP system that simplifies how you manage your business operations. But how do you ensure that your extended enterprise and external trading partners can leverage this investment as well? This session will explain the benefits of integrating your SAP and B2B platforms together and how SAP’s endorsement of B2B Managed Services simplifies this process. This session will also explore how SAP is leveraging other Business Network capabilities such as global e-invoice compliance, notifications, and cloud fax to enhance SAP’s solution offerings.

Enterprise World 2017

Now I have only covered five of the sessions I will be presenting at Enterprise World 2017, we have many more for you to attend!, more details on those in future blogs. In addition to these breakout sessions there are many other activities that you can participate in, for example industry breakouts, live product and solution overviews in our expo hall and a chance to test drive new product enhancements in our developer lab.

Our event this year will be held in Toronto, Canada, and if you are interested in learning more about how Business Network can support your B2B integration needs today and in the future then I would suggest taking a look at our registration page which can be accessed below. I hope to see you in Toronto in July!

Enterprise World 2017

About Mark Morley

Mark Morley
As Director, Strategic Product Marketing for Business Network, Mark leads the product marketing efforts for B2B Managed Services, drives industry and regional alignment with overall Business Network product strategy and looks at how new disruptive technologies will impact future supply chains. Mark also has over 23 years industry experience across the discrete manufacturing sector.

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