How Cloud B2B Integration Enables Michelin’s International Operations

Michelin is one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world, in fact much of their €21billion revenue comes from the aftermarket retail sector rather than direct sales to OEMs.

With Sales Operations in 117 countries, 69 production facilities in 18 countries and 115 000 employees, Michelin is a truly global operation. To support their operations, Michelin has had to stretch their ICT and B2B infrastructure into many different countries around the world and it is becoming difficult to manage their B2B environment on a day to day basis.

Today’s automotive industry is expanding into new emerging markets such as Vietnam and Thailand and this will put further pressure on companies such as Michelin to manage the expansion of their B2B platform so that they can support their customers in these regions.

For the past two years Michelin has been migrating their European B2B platform to a GXS Managed Services environment. This provides Michelin with a cloud based B2B platform that will be able to support their global operations. GXS recently produced an on demand webinar which looks at how cloud B2B integration supports Michelin’s international operations.

This webinar was recorded in partnership with Jean-Luc Faye, IS Functional Domain Manager at Michelin and myself. Jean-Luc is tasked with managing Michelin’s global EDI strategy. This webinar also highlights the key components of GXS Managed Services and the benefits that it brings to Michelin’s operations.

I would like to thank Jean-Luc and Michelin for their kind co-operation with producing this on demand webinar. To view the webinar, please CLICK HERE A brief intro video for the on-demand webinar is shown below!

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Mark Morley
As Director of Industry Marketing, Mark leads OpenText’s strategy in the manufacturing sector, defining the go-to-market and developing thought leadership for Enterprise Information Management and B2B integration solutions in the industrial and discrete manufacturing sectors.

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