“Exclusivity” is a Bad Word When it Comes to Patient Information Sharing

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In a new Market Spotlight by IDC researcher Judy Hanover, she discusses the often rocky road of patient information sharing in healthcare, the contentious topic of interoperability as it relates to patient information sharing, and the importance of getting it right.  Judy will be presenting her findings on 24 March in a webinar – “The Rocky Road to Patient Information Sharing in the Health Network”. Interoperability is one of the most widely used terms in healthcare information exchange today.  It eludes many healthcare organizations that are struggling to achieve it, forcing many to give up the cause along the way.  Yet, interoperability is not a lost cause, and achieving it doesn’t need to be either. So, why do so many healthcare providers, networks and organizations struggle to achieve interoperability when exchanging patient information across multiple providers?  The answer is usually found in technology gaps and exclusivity, rather than “inclusivity”. Despite the claims of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) vendors regarding EMR systems, these widely used tools have done little to help the exchange of information across different EMR systems.  A recent survey of nearly 3,000 medical professionals state that the biggest barrier to interoperability is EMR technical incompatibility. Eighty-six percent of those surveyed stated that the major barrier to interoperability of health systems is “EMR systems that are not capable of sharing information with other EMR systems because of technical shortcomings or incompatibility”[i].  This presents a barrier with forbidding impact: the inability to effectively exchange patient information leads to incomplete medical records, missed or delayed diagnosis, repeat tests performed because of missing information, and so the list goes on. Surprisingly, the same survey found that 63% of respondents stated the #2 reason for interoperability was “EMR vendors’ unwillingness to share information with competing EMR systems despite being technically capable”.  Is this right?  Not only are EMRs not playing nicely, they may be actually boycotting the game? Is there a network of exclusivity among the vital patient information trapped in disparate EMR systems? Surely EMR system information exchange should be inclusive to enable easy and efficient sharing of patient information with anyone, anywhere – always? Hanover states in her report, “As it became clear that the wide array of EHR products that went into use would not create an interoperable healthcare ecosystem on their own, the Direct Project was initiated in 2010 to develop standards and protocols to facilitate interoperability and healthcare reform.” What if you could bypass the technology gaps, shortcomings, and incompatibility of exchanging information between EMRs?  And instead, leverage technology designed to provide interoperability and rich patient information exchange among systems, regardless of the underlying platform?  Inclusivity, rather than exclusivity. Join IDC analyst Judy Hanover on 24 March, as she presents her findings in a Market Spotlight entitled, “The Rocky Road to Patient Information Sharing in the Health Network”.  This webinar will highlight the current landscape of patient information sharing, how care fails when messaging does, and future trends in healthcare. [i] Interoperation Research Study, data fielded by EAS Planning, April, 2015.

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WEBINAR: Electronic Signatures with OpenText and DocuSign

If you have ever purchased or even refinanced a home, you have experienced the hundreds of signatures and initials required to get this done. I’ve had my share of waiting for, and paying for, FedEx packages—or even worse, trying to get my all-in-one printer to print and then fax back 50+ pages. I must have re-tried one fax 10 times with all of the paper jams. Then, when I thought all of the pages finally went through, I was told that they “didn’t get it” and I would have to start all over. This is not what you want to hear when your rate lock is about to expire! A few years ago, I bought another house, but this time I was told that everything could be done online. I signed and initialed tons of pages in no time. I hit submit and I was done! Did I mention that this fantastic time-saving tech was from a company called DocuSign? While we often hear that all successful businesses will one day be 100% digital, tedious, manual processes like obtaining signatures make that reality seem eons away. As I experienced, documents are often printed, then sent out via overnight mail or faxed, and then they are signed, returned, and stored. Aside from the costs associated with that cumbersome process, organizations risk losing visibility into the status of the document by breaking the digital workflow—leading to lost documents and a struggle to correctly determine where to store or archive the document. To improve efficiency in signature processes, OpenText provides several solutions for electronic signatures—and has recently also partnered with DocuSign to provide its Digital Transaction Management (DTM) solutions. DocuSign’s DTM solutions enable organizations to obtain secure, managed, and legally compliant electronic signatures anytime, anywhere, and from any device. The time and burden that employees associate with paper signature processes is reduced. DocuSign also helps to ensure enterprises meet compliance and information governance standards through its complete, easy-to-monitor audit trail—capturing all activities associated with the document, time stamps, and the location of where the document was signed. DocuSign has use cases in sales, human resources, finance, IT/operations, legal, marketing, facilities, support, product management, procurement, and more, and its benefits include: Return on Investment (ROI) – DocuSign creates an immediate ROI, with its instant savings on print supplies and shipping costs and long-term savings of costs and time due to faster workflows for closing sales, onboarding candidates, and much more. Customers report saving more than $30 per envelope. Customer Experience – Faster workflows and the reduction of tedious steps—such as locating fax machines or shipping locations—mean happier customers, as well as happier employees. Compliance – When documents are printed and mailed around to individual participants, form fields might be missed, and documents could easily get lost in transition. DocuSign helps enterprises with a faster workflow that includes system controls to ensure forms are filled out properly and documents are never lost—and its complete audit trail lets users know which step of the process a document is in every step of the way. For more on how DocuSign for OpenText can help your enterprise achieve these benefits, please view our webinar recording here.

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HIMSS16: OpenText Prescribes Healthier Patient and Business Outcomes

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This year’s Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference is right around the corner.  As a HIMSS North American Emerald Corporate Member, OpenText is proudly participating in the event, taking place February 29 – March 4 in fabulous Las Vegas. This year’s event is shaping up to be a great one.  Not only will OpenText continue to showcase the #1 fax server in the healthcare industry, OpenText RightFax, but joining the conversation is OpenText Analytics, a powerful analytics tools to help make better business decisions and drive better business outcomes. Join us at HIMSS and talk to our industry experts to learn how OpenText is driving greater productivity, efficiency and security in the healthcare industry. With so many reasons to talk to the healthcare experts at OpenText, we’ve narrowed it down to our favorites…. Top 3 Reasons to Visit OpenText at HIMSS Save money. Make the shift to hybrid faxing with RightFax and RightFax Connect: Hybrid faxing combines the power of your on-premises RightFax system with the simplicity of RightFax Connect for cloud-based fax transmission. Learn how to save money and make your RightFax environment even easier to manage. Drive compliance. Better patient information exchange with RightFax Healthcare Direct: RightFax is the only fax server that combines fax and Direct messaging in a single solution with RightFax Healthcare Direct. Learn how you can accelerate your road to interoperability with Direct through this new innovative solution. Make better decisions. Learn about OpenText Analytics products and revolutionize your reporting and analytics infrastructure. This will give you the tools to build the best data-driven enterprise apps. With live data analytics seamlessly incorporated into your apps, you can track, report, and analyze your data in real time. Be sure to visit OpenText at Booth #12113 Hall G, and learn how OpenText will help you save money, increase the security and compliance of patient information exchange, and make better decisions through data analytics.

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Want to get your message across securely? Follow Sony’s CEO and fax it.

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Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton is becoming the new poster boy for faxing. The executive recently revealed during a media industry conference that his fax machine is getting a lot of use these days, as he prefers to send hand-written notes via fax instead of sending an email. Lynton said he’s surprised by how quickly he can jot down a thought and fax it. While email may be even quicker, he explained that by taking a minute to put pen-to-paper and then sending a fax can be preferable to firing off emails in haste – the electronic version of speaking before thinking. The folks at Sony Entertainment have some experience in seeking out alternatives to email, following the hack of its network in 2014. As I mentioned in a recent blog on the topic, during the aftermath of the hack Sony employees took to picking up the phone, writing notes, and faxing in order to communicate with each other. Of these options, fax is the form of communication that can go from one party to the other safely and securely. Fax is a secure communication; so won’t be intercepted or hacked. A phone call can be overheard or recorded, and leaves a paper trail. Notes can be mislaid, stolen or confiscated, the latter possibly by an authority figure – cue those second-grade memories for some of us! A better alternative to fax machines is electronic faxing – no paper is required to send notes and other important content that you don’t want intercepted.  Learn more about how fax with cloud delivery is an ideal alternative to fax machines. What’s an executive to do? Fax, fax, fax.

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Enabling the Digital Supply Network at OpenText’s UK Innovation Tour

Since joining OpenText in January 2014, through the acquisition of GXS, I have presented many sessions on our Innovation Tour stops and at our major annual conference, Enterprise World. No sooner did Enterprise World finish last November, we have been busy planning for our 2016 Innovation Tour. We have five Innovation Tour stops this year, starting in Sydney, then moving onto Tokyo, Germany, Paris and finally the UK. We also have a number of shorter events in other locations such as Singapore. The aim of these events is to educate, inspire and ultimately demonstrate how our portfolio of Enterprise Information Management solutions can enable a better way to work in the digital world. Our event in London this year is being hosted on the 10th March at the etc Venues Conference Centre, St Paul’s, Aldgate and it will offer a comprehensive agenda with keynote and customer sessions in the morning and over twenty breakout sessions (split into five key themes) in the afternoon. We will also have an expo area where all the solutions being discussed in the breakout sessions will be brought to life across a series of demo pods. As with the photo at the top of this blog post, the future of enterprise IT infrastructures is becoming increasingly cloudy and we will be discussing a number of cloud and on premises based solutions at the event. If you are from a supply chain, B2B or EDI background or you are responsible for managing trading partner activities across a business network we have three breakout sessions which may be of interest to you. Details of these sessions are shown below. Our CEO recently posted a blog discussing how supply chains are evolving into supply networks, and it certainly provides a view of the future of the business network. We will have three business network themed sessions during the event in London: Use your business network to optimise your supply chain while focusing on your core business – The digital experience requires a network, trading partners, extreme automation, and deep visibility across all key functions, from transactions and cash management through to the physical supply chain. However, conducting business electronically with your extensive trading partner ecosystem is hard work, costly, and worse -a distraction to your core business. To keep up with the pace of market and technology change and remain competitive, you need to digitise and optimise your supply chain. This session discusses how OpenText Business Network helps your organisation drive efficiency, speed, time to market, and focus on your core business – so you can add more value to your customers. Creating a 360-degree view of your supply chain with business network – Achieving a true 360 degree view of supply chain operations is becoming a key challenge faced by many companies. From obtaining end to end visibility of B2B transactions, tracking shipments across third party logistics providers, through to being able to ‘mine’ transaction based information using Big Data analytics techniques. Collectively these can all contribute towards addressing the challenge of improving end to end visibility across a supply chain. This session will introduce how the OpenText Business Network can leverage analytics and visibility based solutions to help provide a window into your supply chain. This session also discusses how achieving deeper visibility into transactions enables informed decision making. Connect business processes and secure messaging to ensure compliance and increase productivity – Businesses share information in a variety of ways, but employees often avoid or circumvent official sharing mechanisms because they are hard to use and inefficient. OpenText Business Network offers a variety of solutions for sharing messages, files, faxes, SMS and voice in a simple, but secure and auditable manner. These solutions integrate into a variety of business applications – including OpenText Content Suite, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office, SAP, and Oracle – and provide APIs for custom integration to other applications. Attend this session to learn how customers are using these solutions to improve compliance and increase productivity in business communications.

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Direct Messaging: Better Health Outcomes


Recently, Direct messaging has surfaced as the new technology for the electronic exchange of patient information. Think of Direct messaging as “email” for healthcare, with a healthy dose of prescribed steroids. Direct is like regular email but with additional security measures for healthcare ensuring that messages and information are only accessible to the intended recipient, as specified by the protection regulations of HIPAA. Direct Messaging is a standards-based, secure method of exchanging patient information and transitioning patient care between care providers. Not only does Direct provide electronic exchange of patient information, it can provide rich data derived from the content – in other words, it’s not just a flat “picture” of the content but includes metadata that makes the content meaningful and actionable. The metadata of a Direct message can include elements such as patient name, DOB, gender and other identifying elements that make a Direct message a healthier communication method. There are many benefits to adopting Direct messaging, all of which lead back to improving the quality of care for patients. SAVES YOU TIME Less time spent with paper records, more time spent caring for patients Better transition of patient care, closing the care gap between providers Avoids delays waiting for delivery of patient information via other delivery methods SAVES YOU MONEY Replaces fax machines with a more efficient, more secure communication method Comprehensive information sharing eliminates unnecessary or duplicate testing Meaningful Use 2 offers incentives to those providers who can attest to electronically transmitting between providers and avoid penalties for non-attestation INCREASES YOUR EFFICIENCY Assures a more complete communication between providers Aligns all members of a patient’s care team, across all care providers Enables more efficient structured, standards-based communication Expansion of Direct messaging has been identified as one of the top trends for 2016:  “Reliance on Direct exchange for secure, interoperable transfers of patient health information between and among providers for the purposes of care coordination will continue to grow.” As healthcare organizations turn to Direct messaging to electronically exchange patient information, they will look to do so in the most efficient manner possible, with as little disruption to their organization as possible. What if there was a single solution that provided Direct messaging whenever possible and faxing only when you need it? RightFax Healthcare Direct is the first fax server to combine fax and Direct messaging in a single solution: Direct messaging whenever possible and faxing only when you need it. This innovative solution leverages integrations between RightFax and your EMR systems to send and receive Direct messages, making patient information exchange an electronic, secure part of the continuity of care. Watch the webinar to learn more about RightFax Healthcare Direct.

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3 Great Seminars Put a Bow on 2015

2015 has been another busy year for OpenText Live, our technical webinar series. After 64 presentations and over 10,000 registrants, we’re ready to close out the calendar year with three more sessions designed to help you get more out of your OpenText solutions. Tomorrow, OpenText eDOCS Product Manager Larry Roy will show how OpenText InfoFusion and Business Intelligence can help customers harness and extract value from their unstructured information within eDOCS DM. On December 8, we’ll introduce and provide an overview of our brand new RightFax Healthcare Direct solution, which provides a way for caregivers to securely share and communicate patient information across their networks through integration with Electronic Medical Records systems. Finally, on December 10, we’re happy to have OpenText partner Formark present its Meeting and Agenda Management solution for Content Server. We’re all familiar with the juggling act needed to balance our workloads with meetings and other deadlines. Formark has found a way to help you manage your meetings and yield insight into meeting topics and outstanding action items using OpenText Content Intelligence and Content Server. It should be a great session. Those may be our final webinars for 2015, but you can always look through our collection of recorded presentations in the Knowledge Center*. Whether you’re hearing about OpenText Live for the first time, or just want to catch up on some of the sessions you’ve missed, I highly recommend a quick look through the archive. In fact, here is a list of our top 10 webinars from 2015 and the links to their location in our archive: What’s New in OpenText Content Suite 10.5 SP1 What’s New in OpenText Enterprise Connect and Office Editor 10.5.2 Introducing the OpenText Content Suite Viewer Upgrading OpenText Content Server – Part 1: Planning and Process What’s New in Content Server 10.5 SP1 Introducing OpenText Core OpenText eDOCS DM Product Update, and Tips and Tricks Upgrading Content Server – Part 2: Best Practices in a Production Environment Tips for Upgrading to eDOCS DM 10 OpenText Media Management 10.5 Overview We hope you’ve found the 2015 slate of webinars interesting and educational. The 2016 schedule is currently being formulated—if you’ve got suggestions for future sessions, please reach out to us by emailing live@opentext.com. We’re always looking for valuable, original, technical content that can help you succeed with your OpenText implementation. *Knowledge Center access requires a valid customer log in ID. If you’re an OpenText customer without Knowledge Center access, make sure you get it! You’ll find plenty of useful information, including product documentation, case studies, step-by-step manuals and more.

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What Happened in Vegas

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The last time I was in Las Vegas, the now massive New York New York hotel was a mere fenced-off hole in the ground. There was no Bellagio, no Venetian, and certainly no Wynn, Aria or Cosmopolitan. Las Vegas Boulevard was fun and colorful, and at that time you could see more of the hotels that sit just off the Strip. Of course, there was gaming and adult attractions, and the hotels were all fun and unique, but Las Vegas was certainly not the luxurious, high end adult playground it is now. Coincidentally, the last time OpenText took its annual Enterprise World user conference to Las Vegas was in February of 1998, less than a year after my visit. Back then, Enterprise World was called LiveLinkUp—a tribute to our LiveLink product, now known as Content Server. OpenText was helping to pioneer the World Wide Web and discover the potential of a connected, digital world. At that time, we focused primarily on Content Management solutions and had yet to step into the realms of Digital Asset Management, Fax Solutions or Customer Experience Management. Like Las Vegas, OpenText has grown and matured a lot over the past decade. So too has Enterprise World. There is so much to learn and hear about at the conference, and so many of our partners and customers participate. The 2015 installment was the fourth Enterprise World I’ve had the privilege of attending, and each year I am blown away by the stories of innovation and success shared by our product teams and customers. And the keynote screens seem to get bigger every year.   [Above: It was tough to get a decent photo of the entire keynote screen. Here’s the best I could find. Photo credit: Julie Millard @JulieMillard3] While the technology, thought leadership, presentations and sneak peeks are great, what really gets me excited for Enterprise World each year is the chance to meet and connect with people I work with, but never get to see. As the guy who coordinates OpenText Live webinars, I work with OpenText experts and partners from all over the world on a regular basis. It wasn’t until I made it to Enterprise World 2012 in Orlando that I was able to meet Alister and Damien from Fastman (who were working out of Australia at the time), Aaron and Gordon from KineMatik (of Ireland and San Francisco, respectively), the eDOCS crew from Florida, Web Site Management experts from Germany, and so many others. Customers also get the opportunity to meet with people they’ve worked with, sometimes over many years. At the conference, we’re given every opportunity to network like this, and to have a great time while doing it. Conference attendees are generally focused on presented materials and soaking in the open tap of information during training, breakout and keynote sessions, so this isn’t the best time to network. The Expo hall is a good place to meet up with people, but can be busy and full of people trying to get the most out of their time between sessions. Luckily, the people at Enterprise World, whether they be OpenText employees, partners or customers, are always eager to meet up in the evenings and hang out. Over the past few years I’ve met some great people and am happy to keep in touch after the event (shout out to Steve, Alan, Tom and Alaina). [Above: Some of the wonderful people who made their way to Las Vegas for Enterprise World 2015. Thanks to Rana Aluraibi @ranoon and Kiera Obbard @kieraobbard for many of these photos.] With the venue in Las Vegas this year, we had plenty to do and see. OpenText hosted a partner event at the MGM Grand’s Hakkasan night club on Monday, and invited everyone to OMNIA at Caesar’s Palace on Thursday. But throughout the week people got together for dinners, walks around the city and shows as they spent some time getting to know one another. I hope that if you were able to attend Enterprise World this year, you enjoyed yourself. If you didn’t get a chance to visit, we hope to see you in Nashville next July. Come talk to us at the booth, or meet up with us afterwards.

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Moving at the Speed of Cloud: Innovation, Insight, and Integration in the OpenText Cloud

As customers look to their digital transformation they are increasingly looking to the cloud to provide them with agile business options and improved productivity while maintaining control of their critical information assets. At OpenText, we provide cloud and hybrid cloud options with seamless movement between on-premises and cloud. Here is a look at some of the recent and emerging cloud innovations: Innovation Our growth in SaaS apps is significant, from advances in existing SaaS applications such as OpenText Core with many new features including Outlook® integration, AD Synch, and Content Suite integration. Archive Center with Exchange online support, file system, and email handling as well as CMIS and custom file support. And there are new SaaS offerings such as PowerDocs, which drives customized document creation, to iHub bringing easily purchased and deployed analytics for any data source. There are new, simple to buy, and easy to deploy standard Managed Cloud Services Packages (MCS). MCS offerings provide complete flexibility to have custom configurations and choices within cloud and hybrid cloud implementations. Now there are also simple standard offerings in Content Suite Cloud Edition, Media Management Cloud Edition, and Big Data Analytics in the cloud. These standard packages have a range of options for service level, functionality, and capacity growth. They are available today with currently shipping products and will also be a part of the Cloud 16 release. Industry solutions and features sets have been added in the cloud. Healthcare Direct for RightFax, which will soon be available with Fax2Mail, provides the ability to translate fax transmissions into direct messages so customers can comply with recent US healthcare legislation and not have to change their business processes. ROSMA addresses Procurement Performance Management, and Core has added features requested by legal and professional services organizations. Insight As we amass greater and greater volumes of information, both structured and unstructured, gaining a true understanding of what the information shows becomes increasing challenging. That is where analytics comes in. Big Data Analytics in the cloud and iHub provide analytics services and allow customers to create their own analytics reporting without the need to have a data scientist on staff. Analytics has been embedded and/or integrated with all of the EIM Suites to provide that insight for customers. The Trading Grid will provide business analytics and logistics Track and Trace for supply chain shipment visibility. Analysis on content and processes is provided through integration with Content Suite and Process Suite. Analytics as a Service in the Cloud allows customers to “bring their own data” and very quickly begin to analyze it and gain insights that can drive their business. Integration We believe it is a hybrid world, and customers need to have the flexibility to integrate their cloud systems with on-premises systems. We provide complete flexibility to integrate with any system on-premises, in the OpenText Cloud, and with other clouds. Many of our Managed Cloud Services customers choose hybrid implementations. Recent innovations in this area include Archive Center CE with SAP® integration and integrations with SAP Hana and S/4Hana.  There is also a new integration that brings the power of ECM together with Salesforce®. In the OpenText Cloud, customers can have integrations across EIM suites and with their other systems on-premises or in other clouds or operated and fully managed in our cloud. We see an increasing number of customers taking advantage of this option. Cloud 16 While some of this innovation is available today, most of it comes together in the Cloud 16 release that consolidates suites and applications in five major areas. This release will be followed by quarterly releases that bring innovations to customers on a more frequent basis. OpenText Content Cloud 16 provides information governance options that are quickly and easily deployed and fully managed in cloud and hybrid cloud scenarios. The Experience Cloud 16 empowers businesses to increase user engagement and improve customer satisfaction while avoiding time spent on managing applications or infrastructure. OpenText Process Cloud 16 enables businesses to rapidly automate their business processes and have the platform managed by EIM specialists in the OpenText Cloud. OpenText Analytics Cloud 16 provides embedded analytics for EIM applications and for custom content sources fully managed by EIM experts in the OpenText Cloud. OpenText Business Network 16 provides a B2B integration platform for managing transactions such as EDI and On Demand messaging with platform services and Managed Services options. Customers can try beta versions of Cloud 16 now, and it will be released in March 2016 and then enjoy ongoing quarterly releases of new innovations. We are moving at the speed of cloud to bring innovative solutions to business challenges.

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Twenty Good Reasons Why Manufacturers Should Attend Enterprise World This Year

In my last Enterprise World 2015 related blog I highlighted a number of manufacturing related activities during our conference at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. You can view the blog here. There are many breakout sessions running during the main part of the conference and below I have listed the top twenty sessions that I thought may be of interest to manufacturing companies. There will be many other sessions during the course of the week, but I thought these may be of interest as they provide a good overview of the product offerings that make up our Enterprise Information Management portfolio. CLD-402 – Building Your Cloud Strategy Featuring Forrester Research ECM-401 – Product Update: OpenText Core – Business-Ready File Sharing & Collaboration in the Cloud INX-401 – Gain Total Supply Chain Visibility With OpenText Active Orders ECM-406 – Product Update: Transform your Organization by Putting the X in ECM INX-404 – Bring B2B to the C-suite: How B2B Integration Accelerates Your Corporate Strategies ALX-100 – Making Sense of Big and Small Data INX-410 – How OpenText and SAP are Joining Forces to Optimize Spend Management EIM-402 – A Day in the Life – Big Data Analytics in the Cloud Implementation INX-411 – Intelligent Capture: Simplify, Transform & Accelerate Your Data Capture Process INX-420 – On Premise B2B & MFT: Consolidate your Integration Strategy to Reap New Benefits SAP-410 – Simplify Asset Management in a Digital World with Customer Case Study ECO-410 – Extended ECM for Oracle E-Business Update – Featuring Customer Dover Corporation INX-412 – Beyond Managed Services: Driving Even Greater Value from B2B Outsourcing ECM-413 – Product Update: OpenText Engineering Document Management-Next Generation Preview ALX-110 – The Future of Embedded Analytics – Wearable Data and Beyond INX-416 – e-Invoicing: the Low-Hanging Fruit of Improving Operating Cost, and Much More ECM-414 – Product Update: What’s New with Brava! for Content Suite INX-418 – Best Practices in Deploying Fax and Secure Messaging Across the Enterprise SAP-416 – MAN Diesel & Turbo’s Enterprise Content & Records Management Solution – A Customer Story INX-400 – Mine your Data for Improved Decision Making: How Analytics Can Transform your Business I also just wanted to take the opportunity to confirm details of a couple of ‘Ted Talk’ style presentations that I will be delivering in the Digital Disruption Zone of the Expo Hall, both of the following sessions will be repeated on Wednesday and Thursday. 14:30 – 14:45 – How the Internet of Things Will Disrupt Tomorrow’s Manufacturing Industry 16:00 – 16:15 – How EIM Helps Manufacturers Transition to a Digital Business In addition to announcing some exciting news around the future direction of our EIM product offerings, numerous customer and keynote presentations we will also have a special guest speaker. None other than Mike Myers – he will certainly be interjecting some humour into the proceedings!

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OpenText Launches New Solution to Accelerate Interoperability in Healthcare and Connect Caregiver Communities


Today, OpenText announced the availability of OpenText RightFax Healthcare Direct , an add-on module to OpenText RightFax that is poised to make a big difference in the healthcare market. This new solution helps healthcare organizations accelerate interoperability by enabling Direct messaging (a method of transmitting patient information in a secure, encrypted, electronic way over SMTP) using existing RightFax-EMR integrations. RightFax, the most widely used fax server in healthcare with the most EMR integrations, has long been the backbone by which healthcare providers send and receive patient documents via fax. By adding RightFax Healthcare Direct to their RightFax system, those same providers are able to expand beyond faxing to exchange Direct messages with other providers in their communities. With RightFax Healthcare Direct, healthcare organizations can: Send secure, encrypted Direct messages directly from their EMR system with no change to how they send faxes via RightFax today Receive and ingest Direct messages into their EMR system Continue to exchange faxes through RightFax with providers who are unable to exchange Direct messages today Closing the Technology Gap between Providers Direct messaging is an on-the-verge technology in healthcare as the next generation communication method for requesting and sending patient records in a secure, interoperable fashion. It allows healthcare providers to exchange patient records electronically as a secure, encrypted email transmission over SMTP, with rich message metadata with patient identifiers, improving atient care and driving efficiency back to providers. However, not all healthcare providers have widely adopted Direct messaging. And since fax is still the most preferred method of communication (by a large margin!), it is important that organizations have the ability to adopt Direct messaging at their own pace.RightFax with RightFax Healthcare Direct is uniquely positioned as a bi-modal IT solution that combines fax and Direct messaging in a single solution. Outbound faxes converted to outbound Direct messages: Using the industries only fax number to Direct address reverse directory (powered by Surescripts), if a Direct address is available for a given fax number, the patient document will be sent as a Direct message If no Direct address is available for a given fax number, the content will be sent as a fax via RightFax Organizations can also choose to send BOTH Direct messages and faxes (crawl-walk-run!) Connecting Caregiver Communities One of the largest barriers to the widespread adoption of Direct messaging is knowing which providers are ready to exchange Direct messages and how to find them. One of the truly unique features of RightFax Healthcare Direct is the ability to connect caregiver communities by an “invitation” that can be sent to every provider that receives a fax from a RightFax Healthcare Direct user. With an outbound communication, if no Direct address is available for a given fax number, the content is sent as a fax. This can trigger an automatic, customizable fax sent to this provider that “invites” them to register their fax number and Direct address in the reverse directory for RightFax Healthcare Direct or sign up for FREE Direct addresses to be able to receive Direct messages (supplied by RightFax Healthcare Direct partner Kno2). This invitation process provides a network effect and automatic outreach into the community, levitra to more easily exchange secure and encrypted patient information electronically. RightFax Healthcare Direct will change how the healthcare industry communicates As technology in healthcare is evolving, OpenText is leading the industry to the digital world by offering the tools needed to accelerate interoperability and advance connectivity for providers to maintain the highest level of patient safety and comply with healthcare standards. Read the RightFax Healthcare Direct press release. Visit us online and learn more about RightFax Healthcare Direct!

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Accessibility in a Digital-First World

With the term “accessibility”, the first thing that usually comes to mind is physical accessibility e.g. accessible washrooms, wheelchair ramps, accessible road crossings, etc. This perspective completely ignores another realm that most people exist in, i.e. the digital world. Today it is extremely common for individuals to spend 11+ hours a day on their electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets and computers, so we simply cannot afford to ignore accessibility in the context of the digital interactions. Digital accessibility encompasses a variety of virtual interactions, including those made on websites, on personal electronic devices as well as via digital or electronic communications and documents. Taking a closer look at the numbers, we quickly realize that the population of individuals requiring accessible communications is quite large. More than 285 million individuals across the world have some form of visual impairment – that’s nearly 5% of the global population. This number is not static either; it is rapidly growing, with people living longer lives, and thereby increasing the population of aging individuals. In the United States alone, there are over 21 million adults reporting some form of vision loss, out of which over 6 million are completely blind and 2.5 million require large print to be able to read. Governments around the world have recognized accessibility as a global issue and have acted on the need to mandate accessible communications in an increasingly digital-first world. This is not about limiting accessible communications to traditional formats such as braille, large print and spoken word audio that are time consuming and expensive to produce, but about making all forms of communications accessible on-demand, in digital or electronic formats, without the need to self-identify. Governments have addressed the information accessibility issue through legislation that applies to both the public and commercial sectors, for example, Section 508 and the Americans with Disabilities Act in the United States, often going to the extent of being industry-specific, such as Section 255 of the Telecommunications Act. While some of the legislation is brand new, others are amendments to existing regulations to include accessibility in the context of digital or electronic communications via e.g. websites, online documents, etc. Many organizations around the world have begun working towards compliance to their country’s respective laws and making their websites, electronic communications such as PDF invoices, statements, notifications, tax forms, etc. available in formats that can be meaningfully navigated and read by screen reader technology on computers and mobile devices. What is your organization doing to meet this legal requirement and create an inclusionary environment for its customers? Join us on Thursday, November 12 for a special educational session on providing equal and timely access to information by implementing digital accessibility. “ALX-112 Reaching All Data Consumers – the State of Output Accessibility” will include an overview of accessibility drivers, the end-user perspective on accessible communications, what creating accessible content entails as well as a demonstration on how automation can result in dramatic time and cost savings in creating accessible content. Learn what you can do to help your organization comply with legislation, expand their business footprint to a growing but previously ignored segment of the population and retain loyalty from their existing, aging customer base.

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Enabling the ‘Citizen Developer’ with BPM at Enterprise World

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You’ve heard it before—employees must do more with less, productivity is critical to results, multitasking now pays dividends later. But in reality, it’s difficult to juggle existing tasks much less a modern workload without the use of eight arms or a time machine. Luckily, your organization’s bottom line does not have to suffer. Business Process Management (BPM) is an incredibly effective way to help improve business results. Putting systems in place to streamline and optimize business operations is always a good idea. When you manage and control those business processes, you reduce costs while gaining opportunities (more customers, more revenue, more partners, etc.). So what’s new? Businesses are going digital. This means processes need to do more, use more and change more. Now, business processes need to adapt to manage routine and non-routine work. Simply put, they need a better way to work – better innovation, better insight and better productivity. But this can overwhelm IT so everyday workers need to transform into a so-called Citizen Developers. How much productivity? Citizen Developers may be the key for business looking to speed the time to market. Gartner’s “Citizen Development is Fundamental to the Digital Workplace” August 2015 report found nearly two-thirds of those surveyed took less than two weeks to develop an app; most of those surveyed had little or no developer software training. So what does this mean? Process management needs to include both structured and un-structured ad hoc processes. Typical processes still need to be managed (claims, service requests, etc.) and ad-hoc process (those processes that are more collaborative and less structured) must be supported via process applications (case management, for example). This requires the ability to build and modify process applications much more easily. And the best way to do that is to get the user involved—it’s faster and results are quickly evaluated and adjustments can be made. It all comes down to speed and simplicity—speed to deploy, evaluate and optimize. Know if your process will deliver or it needs to be adjusted is key to your success. You simply can’t wait months to find out. When the market changes or customer needs change, you need to adapt quickly so nothing is missed. Achieving this new standard for business process management is what we will be talking about at this year’s Enterprise World. We can’t wait. New Innovations in Process Suite We are excited to reveal the latest from the OpenText Process Suite in Las Vegas in a few weeks. Building applications quickly to manage processes is at the core our innovation strategy. We are working to empower the Citizen Developer to ease the burden on IT and give the business the control and access to solve issues directly and effectively. These new capabilities will come to market along with key improvements in the Process Intelligence component along with several new and updated pre-built applications. We hear from many of our customers that the priority is to gain the flexibility and ability to customize and evolve their process application quickly. This includes greater flexibility in what you can do on mobile devices and how you can leverage the cloud. We are excited to share all the new news with you at Enterprise World. Join us in Vegas We will be showcasing new capabilities with Process Platform, new process applications and more in Las Vegas. You will have the opportunity to meet with the experts behind the innovation and talk to customers who are benefitting from the platform today. Check out information on this and all the breakout sessions at Enterprise World 2015 online at http://www.opentext.com/campaigns/enterprise-world-2015/program/sessions.

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Don’t let What Happens in Vegas Stay in Vegas!

At least, not what you learn at OpenText Enterprise World 2015, taking place November 8-13 in Las Vegas, NV. If you are already planning to attend this annual customer event, or are still undecided, ask yourself why you plan to go; what do you hope to take back to your organization? Is it the latest insights on product roadmaps and corporate directions from your technology vendor? To decide whether the solution provider is the right vendor if you’re not already an existing customer? To learn from peers, meet the experts, and share ideas? There are a myriad of reasons. But ultimately, your attendance has to deliver value—something you can take back to your organization that will make a difference in how you work, the value you contribute to your enterprise information management (EIM) efforts, or the overall effectiveness of your technology investment. All are good reasons to attend. However, many would-be attendees struggle to ‘make the case’ for participation in terms of a real ROI. Perhaps the goals aren’t lofty enough. What if you could learn how to dramatically change the course of your company? What if you could learn something new that has a material impact on your organization’s growth, its profitability, its compliance with regulations, and your overall business agility? Most would agree that translates to a strong ROI for a week in Vegas. Challenge yourself to experience something new, and take a new look at what EIM can do for you and your business. Set a stretch goal. How do you do this? By following the Information Exchange (IX) track at Enterprise World. IX is about the secure exchange of information between your organization and its extended trading partner ecosystem. This suite of offerings enables you to automate key processes such as procure to pay, order to cash, secure notifications, funds transfers, payments, logistics, and more. All organizations, regardless of your industry, accomplish their mission “beyond the four walls” of their enterprise—with customers, suppliers, providers, agencies, etc. However, most investments in productivity, automation, security, standardization, etc. are focused within the four walls. Information exchange—B2B and other forms of messaging—are too often relegated to IT… as just a cost of doing business. “We’ve got that covered”… “We have an EDI guy”. Here is the massive stone you can turn at Enterprise World. Look outside the four walls to find savings, drive efficiencies, comply with industry mandates, and leverage supply chain data to optimize processes. Elevating B2B to the C-level vs. an IT project alone. The digital transformation is omnipresent. To leverage new opportunities and face new challenges, you need a comprehensive digital strategy. Follow the IX Track at Enterprise World to learn how to survive—and thrive—in the new digital supply chain. B2B integration and secure messaging is a critical foundation for success in the digital age. Drive down operational cost, mitigate and manage corporate compliance risk, speed time to market and time to value, and focus on your core competencies. OpenText IX will show you how to integrate the processes, systems, and business partners necessary to attain these benefits. Come learn from industry leaders and OpenText experts how information exchange can change the course of your business. Don’t let the best practices stay in Vegas. Take them back with you to your organization. Set a course for growth, profitability, and agility. (Source: SCM World, “Chief Supply Chain Officer Report,” September 2014)

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OpenText RightFax Customers Find Business Value and Best Practices at OpenText Enterprise World


Enterprise World for RightFax customers is shaping up to be a week filled with valuable business insights and opportunities to learn how to further leverage these business-critical implementations. What’s in it for RightFax customers? Before the week kicks off, join us for a special pre-event RightFax Best Practices: Optimize your fax investment- A hybrid software/cloud strategy for flexibility & savingswill be an intimate session for you to learn the t echnical best practices and how to leverage the OpenTextTM Cloud for flexibility and growth. As an added benefit, attendees of this session will receive a FREE half-day onsite value assessment from our RightFax experts. Register for this FREE workshop at Enterprise World for RightFax customers here. Next, ask the experts! Join RightFax at our RightFax Pods, where you can sit one-on-one with RightFax subject matter experts for demonstrations, Q&A, best practices and find out what’s new and coming for RightFax. It’s your opportunity to let your voice be heard in a more intimate setting with our experts. Want a hands-on deep dive? Join the RightFax crew in our Innovations Lab, where visitors can see our cool, new RightFax capabilities first-hand. Take a picture with your phone and fax it, manage faxes from your tablet, and see what else is new with our innovative fax solutions! And finally, attending our main fax sessions will provide deep insight and business value on getting the most from your RightFax investment: Optimize your Fax Investment; A Hybrid Software/Cloud Strategy for Flexibility and Savings Software, Cloud or a mix of both? Learn how to leverage your existing investment in RightFax and take it to new, flexible heights. Learn all about the recent RightFax release and planned enhancements with first-hand knowledge of where the RightFax roadmap is taking you. Best Practices in Deploying Fax and Secure Messaging across the Enterprise More technical in nature, this session takes a deeper dive into RightFax best practices, tips and how to avoid pitfalls of architecting and deploying an enterprise-wide secure messaging strategy. Hear first-hand from RightFax customers on how they’ve successfully extended their RightFax implementation to include enterprise-side secure messaging. Intelligent Capture: Simplify, Transform and Accelerate your Data Capture Process Learn how to leverage your RightFax investment with the OpenText suite of Capture solutions transforms paper-centric data and processes into a digital format to integrate into your backend systems so it can be consumed by the business–and improve your performance. Automate the Exchange of Patient Information with OpenText™ RightFax Healthcare Direct OpenText, the largest provider of integrated, electronic faxing with EMR systems, is in a unique position to facilitate interoperability in healthcare with Direct messaging. A new solution from OpenText, RightFax Healthcare Direct helps healthcare organizations accelerate interoperability to expand communication methods beyond fax to Direct messaging to easily share and communicate patient information across an entire network of caregivers. Whether you are an existing RightFax customer or not, learn how OpenText accelerates your compliance with Direct messaging by leveraging your existing fax investments. Join the RightFax experts for another great OpenText Enterprise World.

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Check out our Developer Lab, NEW for Enterprise World 2015

Whilst manning the AppWorks pod at last year’s Enterprise World Expo a common theme discussed with attendees was that they would like more technical sessions to take part in. This got me thinking and we already have our Innovation Lab showcasing new products, why not then create a Developer Lab to answer the demand for more technical content. Discussing with the team what we should do within the lab the ideas were flowing until we finally settled on the program for this year. We will be building an AppWorks app called Scout, interfacing to Content Server, this will be based around a Location Scouting use case. We have four types of session that attendees can book onto… Taster Designed for non technical audiences, come along and learn more about AppWorks, the upcoming AppWorks 2016 release and get hands on time with the completed Scout application Beginner The beginner sessions are designed for attendees with a technical background and each participant will have their own dedicated machine to work on. In these sessions we will give an intro to AppWorks and the new features in the ‘16 release. We will then start to build out the Scout application using the new Command Line tools to create the app structure; we will then deploy it to the AppWorks gateway and see it operating on the device. The intermediate and advanced sessions will build on this foundation and add incremental features. Intermediate The intermediate sessions are designed for attendees with a technical background and each participant will have their own dedicated machine to work on. In these sessions we will recap the intro to AppWorks and the new features in the ‘16 release together with the work to date on the Scout app. We will then build out the Scout application with more features including using the new appworks.js APIs to interact with on device technology, especially the camera and GPS. We will then deploy it to the AppWorks gateway and have hands on time with the app exploring the features we’ve developed during the session. Advanced The advanced sessions are designed for attendees with a technical background and each participant will have their own dedicated machine to work on. In these sessions we will recap the intro to AppWorks and the new features in the ‘16 release together with the work to date on the Scout app. We will then build out the final features of the Scout application by adding offline support, a supporting Java service and interaction with other applications on the device. We will then deploy it to the AppWorks gateway and have hands on time with the app exploring the completed app whilst being able to also see the artefacts from the application stored in Content Server. One final session will be held on the Thursday afternoon, this is something we are calling our Innovation Session and it is here where we turn the lab over to attendees with one simple premise, pitch an idea for an app for no more than five minutes, the one judged the most innovative will win an iPad Mini. Joining the judging panel will be Muhi and Adam and I for one am really looking forward to hearing the ideas you come up with. To book into the lab, all the details are available at the following link… http://www.opentext.com/campaigns/enterprise-world-2015/program/developer-lab Looking forward to seeing everyone in the lab in Vegas.

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Enterprise World 2015 and the OpenText Cloud

Are you wondering where the cloud will be covered at Enterprise World this year? Well, the simple answer is pretty much everywhere! Whether your Enterprise is looking at solutions for Information Management, Analytics or Business Networks there are things to explore at Enterprise World. We start the week with a variety of training sessions. In ½ day to 3 days you can become an expert in the technology aspects that are most critical to your organization. While there are many great courses and several apply to products available in the OpenText Cloud, there is a new ½ day course on Big Data Analytics now available in our cloud, which you should consider regardless of your other technology choices. U-TR-2-6150 Introduction to Big Data Analytics is available on Nov 9. Register soon as this one is bound to be quite popular. If you are an organization that is actively looking at upgrading Content Suite and having us manage your application in the OpenText Cloud, there is a special ½ day workshop you may be able to take advantage of. It will provide background on the upgrade process to the cloud, and help you to look at your TCO business case for moving to the OpenText Cloud. Register now – space is limited. On Partner Day we will meet with our partner community to share strategy, updates and guidance on partnering with us on cloud opportunities. Tuesday the show Expo floor opens up and begins the opportunities to meet with our product and cloud experts in all areas, as well as with partners. Great conversations take place in the Expo and most of the pod areas will have people to address your cloud questions related to their solutions. If you are interesting in digging into Managed Cloud Services you will be able to find experts at the OpenText Cloud pod, the B2B Managed Services pod, and the Global Technical Services area. We look forward to meeting with you. Don’t miss a single one of the keynote presentations. Our top executives will take us through inspiring and informative presentations that highlight many areas including our cloud strategy, innovations and advances. You will see the expansion of cloud in all of our portfolio areas and see some of the innovations in live demonstrations. There are many breakout sessions that focus on cloud strategy, innovations, customer insights and more. Filter on Cloud under the Track or Product sections and see the many sessions that are devoted to cloud or hybrid cloud topics. Some cloud sessions of note include: CLD-402 Building Your Cloud Strategy Featuring Forrester Research (Analyst Liz Herbert) CLD-410 OpenText Cloud Strategy and Roadmap CLD –412 Our ECM Journey to the Cloud featuring the New Zealand Transport Agency CLD-400 How Managed Cloud Services drives essential benefits in your Cloud Strategy Want to get hands-on and help to shape new and emerging product offerings? Join us in the very popular Innovation Lab. Sign up early for these spots as they fill up fast! Calling all Developers! Here is a chance to roll up your sleeves in the Developer Lab and work with AppWorks to build mobile apps. Let your creativity show and present your innovative apps for the chance at a prize on Thursday. There will be many opportunities to meet with the OpenText teams and with other customers and more cloud learning opportunities. We look forward to seeing you at the MGM Grand for an action packed and educational week.

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We live in exciting times. Digital Transformation is here, Now.

Life Sciences

I’m new to the what we internally call the EcoSystem team in OpenText, having moved into my new role in the last 6 months. Previously to that I spent 15 years in the ever changing world of Customer Experience Management. All that time the EcoSystem LOB was known to me as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft – or in my mind the great space on the mental map that is called the Back Office, where nothing much changed compared to CEM where you had to keep up-to-date on what was the hot new startup / social media network or buzzword that everyone was jumping on board this month (HTML 5, Responsive Design, OmniChannel, Phigital, ….. ). In my new Program Manager role, some of our partnerships have been in place for over 20 years, such as our relationship with SAP, are newer or emerging, and reflect the continuous growth of information in Enterprise platforms and more importantly the growing need to use this valuable information more effectively when approaching Digital Transformation. At Enterprise World 2015 You’ll hear a lot about Suite 16 and Cloud 16 and what that means for all of OpenText’s products including those that our group is responsible for. You will also hear from us about “Simplify: Run Digital”. It’s our key message to our customers and prospects that now is the time to simplify what you do to start transformation into a true Digital Enterprise. Simplify. Run Digital: covers all areas of an organization, from the necessary building blocks of the Platform, accelerating up through the Business and into the world of Transformation. Our sessions at Enterprise World cover all 3 areas, because tackling each one in isolation could lead to failure, really quickly and we believe that you have to consider all 3 (Platform, Business and Transformation) to be truly successful. At the Platform we will announce new products and enhancements as part of Blue Carbon supporting S4/HANA, Fiori and hybris; Microsoft Azure and Office 365; SFDC and of course OpenText Cloud. For the Business, at our Roundtable lunches speak to other customers like Southern California Edison, Man Diesel and Heineken about the success and benefits they have gained with our products. Experiencing Transformation, see live demo’s of the products and in the Disruption Zone experience how new tech like 3d Printing and our solutions are driving transformation. Digital Transformation is happening now, but getting started is not easy and that’s where we can help. We’ll share with you a tried and tested methodology to identify your digital maturity, prioritize the opportunities in your organization, your supply chain and products and finally your customer engagement models. Finally and against common wisdom – in this case, just because it happened in Vegas doesn’t mean it has to stay there. Enjoy Enterprise World 2015!!

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Discover the Future of Embedded Analytics at Enterprise World

Whether you are looking to build smarter “data-driven” customer applications or tap the power of Big Data to beat the competition to market, using analytics to deliver better insight is key to any digital strategy. Encompassing a range of approaches from basic reports and dashboards, to more sophisticated advanced analytics for forecasting, optimization and even machine learning (think AI), the analytics landscape is broad – and the bridge between all your data and smarter decisions. Yet to reach all users and deliver sustainable value through both better customer engagement as well as improved productivity, the business intelligence tools of the past no longer work. They don’t scale, they are not intuitive to use, and they often require extensive programming to deploy the most advanced features. Plus many are built on proprietary foundations that make it hard to interface with other systems or easily embed visuals in your favorite app or device. The embedded revolution Just as embedded processors (and cheap memory) sparked a new generation of smart systems and consumer devices like the smartphone, embedded analytics —enabled by solutions like the OpenText Information Hub (iHub) along with advances in big and small data processing, open source projects like BIRT and Hadoop, and rich APIs – has the potential to change the face of many categories of applications (and devices). Think hyper personalized and portable customer experience, or smarter trading grids that anticipate disruptions or automatically seek out the best deal. Or new views into markets or business operations that reveal previously unseen relationships or potential innovations. Meanwhile we are all looking to get closer to our customers, by gaining a true 360 degree view of what they want and how they are interacting with us and each other. This is where the OpenText Big Data Analytics offering (now available in the OpenText cloud!) fits in. Combining advanced and predictive analytics, delivered as an easy to use on premise or cloud offering, BDA aims to bring the power of big data to everyday business analysts, creating one view of their customer base, with a super-fast dedicated analytics data base and pre-built algorithms for handling the most common marketing and operational analyses. Discover more in Vegas The future of analytics is clearly about these types of tools that serve the growing population of “citizen data scientists.” It’s also about delivering insights from new data sources (think IoT) to users on their device of choice like smartphones, tablets or even smart watches. All of these scenarios will be front and center in the “Future of Embedded Analytics” breakout session that Mark Gamble and I will be presented in Vegas. We’ll explore the key requirements for transforming ordinary apps into data-driven powerhouses that can access information from any source, and deliver insights to millions of users. We’ll also look specifically at the role of data in the customer journey, and how analytical apps are becoming smarter and more portable, powered by next-gen predictive analytics, cloud services, and open standards. Plus we’ll showcase our embedded and mobile interfaces—including a behind the scenes look at our latest IoT “activity tracker” demo. Check out information on this and all the breakout sessions at Enterprise World 2015 online at http://www.opentext.com/campaigns/enterprise-world-2015/program/sessions.

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Streamlining Prescription Fulfillment with Automatic Capture Technology

Many retail pharmacies utilize fax documents as part of their prescription fulfilment processes. With that, typical processing delays associated with manually handling incoming fax documents and rekeying the embedded information into backend systems arise regularly. Based on the last blog post, we know automatic capture technology can be very beneficial here, particularly in receiving inbound prescription fulfillment forms from various fax input sources in multiple formats. Yet there are other value-added services pharmacy organizations can implement in conjunction with automatic capture to drive automated fax message processing end-to-end. See a sample diagram below: The process flow is a real-world example of a “before and after” scenario in which a major retailer used automatic capture on the front end of a process, and integrated value-added fax messaging services (such as document workflow) throughout. Automating fax processes this way optimized the fulfilment of patient prescriptions. To read the story in its entirety please access this case study outlining the business problem and implemented solution behind the improved process illustrated above. Of course to get an overview of automatic capture technology’s impact on business critical processes involving fax, visit www.opentext.com/campaigns/intelligent-fax-workflow.

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