Actuate Launches BIRT iHub F-Type: The Evolution of BIRT is Now


Every once in a while you get lucky enough to see the evolution of a product. Consider yourselves privileged to download a FREE way to make your data visualizations and reporting sizzle.

This morning, Actuate, The BIRT Company™ took the wraps off of BIRT iHub F-Type. This is a FREE report server for open source Eclipse BIRT developers and other Java developers who are interested in designing, deploying and distributing BIRT content without having to write even one single line of code.

What’s really exciting about BIRT F-Type is how much easier it makes it for developers to share content with individual end-users across multiple devices. Within the first 15 minutes of downloading BIRT iHub F-Type, a developer can import a BIRT report, schedule secure distribution or export their report as a full-function Excel spreadsheet.

Another feature very well-received by beta testers is that this is a free version of BIRT iHub that lives on premise – or within the developer’s servers – instead of being a cloud-based product.

As an avid BIRT developer, Ella Xiong says Actuate’s F-Type program is “very user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to understand. For example, the program’s Uploader has a relatively simple interface to handle for most end users.” Additionally, Xiong also declares that features such as “the ability to export Excel documents to other formats within the program is very useful to my clients. Most of them like saving their reports in other formats for alternative reference, such as PDF, XML and other file types; F-Type makes it easy to do just that.”

Here is just a smattering of the features and benefits:

  • Easily export data to native Excel with native formulas, pivot tables and multi-worksheet workbooks. No need to create a parallel Excel-centric infrastructure or default to comma-separated values (CSV) for users that demand Excel.
  • Save time by letting users customize their own content. You no longer need to create endless variations of reports for each user.
  • Boost productivity with self-service content automation. Using custom code to build scheduling and email distribution is a thing of the past.
  • Secure data at a granular level and socialize and collaborate content only to those who are authorized to see it or share it. There’s no need to build a separate management platform for your BIRT content
  • Pre-built deployment tools allow you to seamlessly insert BIRT content into your web or mobile application.

BIRT iHub F-Type is available free today from the BIRT iHub F-Type download page, and is distributed under Actuate’s commercial licensing terms. There are some limits on capacity (50MB of output capacity per day), but upgrades are priced starting at $500 per month for an additional 50MB. And just because you read this blog, Actuate is offering an additional 50MB of daily capacity for use until the end of 2014.

For additional information, check out “All You Need To Know’ about BIRT iHub F-Type.”


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